ZOMG, Esquire! "Obama's Brain Activity Map Could Be Mind Control"


24 Responses to “ZOMG, Esquire! "Obama's Brain Activity Map Could Be Mind Control"”

  1. edgore says:

    I thought the first viable means of remotely controlling the human mind was, you know, speech.

  2. Scott McDaniel says:

    What’s weird is that Esquire is usually somewhat liberal-leaning.  But clickbait is clickbait!  
    (Came to BoingBoing™ via Reddit™)

  3. cleveremi says:

    Well, duh, if he can be a socialist, fascist, communist and nazi all at the same time, then it makes perfect sense that he also possesses mind control powers.

    Oh, wait, that’s not what the article was talking about, was it… shoot.

    Back to reality, then.

  4. Joel Finkle says:

    Time for a kickstarter for quality tinfoil helmets

  5. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    It isn’t false that an improved understanding of the brain would be a necessary part of any remote mind-control system(though good luck, and probably a stack of awards in physics and biochemistry, with reading and modifying neural state from any distance…); but I’m pretty sure that classical-era ‘demagoguery’ technology provides 95% of the mind control, with zero percent of the therapeutic potential…

  6. James Shaw says:

    I think it pays t think about the consequences of any new technology, no matter how outlandish. Also, remember that the American government did experiment with mind control in the 60s. There is nothing wrong with asking for transparency and a little bit of vigilance to make sure a new technology does not get abused, no matter how unlikely that is.

  7. Ito Kagehisa says:

    the project might also provide the first viable means of remotely controlling the human mind

    I thought religion was first, political ideologies next, then BoingBoing, and finally, well, you know.

  8. Brainspore says:

    What a load of irresponsible, fear-mongering crap.


  9. Barry Cochran says:

    In which case, we should support it.  The last time the U.S. government tried to control minds, they ended up releasing a bunch of high-grade LSD into the general population.

  10. Keisar Betancourt says:

    does the term slippery slope mean anything to anyone? that was my first thought as well… this is not something that’s going to stop prior to complete invasion of mental privacy and control.

  11. peregrinus says:

    My wife has had access to a remote control mind control method for years

  12. Sasha K-S says:

    Let’s see. This is the same government that has spent literally decades trying to concoct mind control methods, truth serums, etc. etc. There has been a complete continuity of power and internal intelligence agency leadership between the era of MKULTRA and today. The heads of the current shadowy US alphabet soup Intelligence apparatus are the handpicked heirs of the baddies of the MKULTRA days.

    The MK-ULTRA stuff is widely corroborated and totally in the public domain. They HAVE been deeply involved in mind control research in the past. Nobody who led it was ever removed from power, meaningfully punished, or lost funding. So, shouldn’t we simply assume that the current regime is continuing this, unless proven otherwise?

    This Esquire headline is as fearmongering as a headline ‘US Government planning another war.’ Of COURSE they are. They always are. The US government spends billions of dollars every year on some very dark, dark stuff. There is often some sort of ulterior/military motive to US Government research. To pretend it’s impossible because it seems too ‘out there’ is what’s truly irresponsible. It’s simply sticking your head in the sand.

    BoingBoing: bravely questioning the establishment, within a very narrowly limited scope of potential bad things they might do.

    (disclaimer: i didn’t read the esquire article.)

    • R_Young says:

      “Nobody who led it was ever removed from power, meaningfully punished, or lost funding.”

      I would like some sauce with that sweeping generalization, monsieur. 

  13. I’m donning my tinfoil hat now, Obama brain control waves. Next up on FOX news and on that show of the crazy mormon.

  14. anansi133 says:

    That sounds a lot like a Neal Stephenson novel:


    If the news is going to avoid reporting on science fiction plots, that’s a whole lot of recent history that’s off limits.

  15. Don’t worry, BAM isn’t even going to touch the human brain within the first decade (if ever). I have a post explaining the project in more detail (and explaining why I don’t think it’s a very good idea) here: http://incubator.rockefeller.edu/?p=730

  16. Alex Jones just creamed himself

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