Cory coming to Concord, NH today!

Hey, Concord, NH! I'm at Gibson's Bookstore today at 3PM. Tomorrow, I'm in DC, then Cambridge, MA. Come on out!


  1. My hometown :), wish I was stateside. Be sure to grab a pint afterwards at everyone’s favorite dive, Penuche’s ($2 pints 9-10, good selection). 

  2. Thanks for coming Cory. Even though i follow BoingBoing regularly, I still felt like I picked up some good info from your talk. Talking about your daughter and the Barbie video, you could have been describing my 4-yo to a T. Very observant, especially of things you rather wish she wasn’t. 
    On the way home I was thinking about my childhood and what it would have been like with the internet as it is today. I was a voracious reader but we lived pretty rurally so the library was beyond a bike ride away. My reading was usually limited to whatever we had around the house which was a pretty odd mix of stuff. I can only imagine the ideas I would have encountered had I had the ability to freely follow my thoughts in the manner the internets enable today. It real drove home for me the point about how much damage these internet filters have the ability to do to the internets potential for educating. It is such a slippery slope from “trying to block porn” to “trying to block bad ideas” to “trying to block ideas we don’t agree with.” 
    As I’m sure you know, kids the ages of our ask “Why” a lot and I like to use it as an opportunity to challenge my own knowledge and beliefs so we will often end up googling things before the why train gets too long. I don’t want her to come home from school one day and tell me she tried to explain something to her teacher that we had learned the night before but was unable to because she couldn’t find the article. Maybe I will run for the school board after all…

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