Garbage Pail Kids -- Lt. John Pike edition

I didn't know they still made Garbage Pail Kids. I miss these and Wacky Packages.

I'm keeping this one!


  1. I remember one day that I used to like Garbage Pail Kids or collect their cards for some strange reason. 

    Huh… Maybe, someday, I can one day forgive my kid sister for loving Britney Spears, Power Rangers and Barney.

  2. They do still make both, though if I recall correctly they’ve branched into new cards, like the one above, and “Flashback” series that are reprints of older cards from the 70s and 80s. Either way, I still can’t find any in stores.

    Next time I should try actually looking.

      1.  I got mine at Diamond Sports Cards in San Rafael, CA.  If you call the owner, he can set you up since it’s an independent shop.

  3. I spotted these yesterday.  I too had no idea they were making them again.  My sons are in to Skylanders… dad kind of is too.  We stopped in at a Target yesterday to see what figures they had in stock.  Before we left we went up to the front and were looking at all the cards they were selling.  I was surprised they didn’t have any Skylanders cards (they had the dog tags).  But then I spotted the big blue box with the “Adam Bomb” artwork from the original series.  Sweet!

    My oldest is about to turn 7.  I was telling him about collecting GPKs when I was his age.  I told him how much fun it was hunting for new cards in the series and trading with your friends.  And then I explained the disappointment I had when another kid at school (spoiled, only child, well off family) claimed he had the complete sets of the first 3 series of GPKs.  When I finally confirmed first hand he did have the complete sets I was done.  He sucked every bit of fun out the hunt, the trading, the collecting.

    And that’s how that guys life has gone.  He had everything he’s ever wanted expect friends.  To this day he’s unmarried, lives alone in a huge house that is parents purchased, and works for them at their oil business doing menial tasks.

    Anyway, glad to see Garbage Pail Kids back on the shelves.  I’m not embarrassed to say I was a fan back in the day.

  4. Mine was called Brutal Barry but I got the same picture on a sticker in a pack I purchased for my son (I kept it too)

  5. I was a huge fan of Wacky Packages – they still influence me today. They started making new ones and we buy them at Target occasionally. I loved them so much I started a new series with fellow artist/collaborator Adam Parker Smith called Randy Packs which aren’t supposed to be for sale yet (they’re going to be in an exhibition in 2014). These are way more adult though – different artists drew teenage ideas of sex positions (Cleveland Steamer, etc). 20 cards, 24 acts (2, 9 card puzzles on the backs). 
    -Comix/FineArtists include:
    Marc Bell – Hot Doggin’
    Brent Birnbaum – Cleveland Steamer
    Ivan Brunetti – Dirty Sammich
    Vanessa Davis – Selson Blow
    David DeGrand – Topeka Destroyer
    Renee French – Tiara Taco & Hot Lunch
    Alex Gingrow – Popcorn Trick
    Justin Hall – The Santa
    Sam Henderson – Pearl Necklace
    kozyndan – Soggy Buscuit
    Michael Krueger – Groucho Sunrise
    Adam Koford (Ape Lad) – Alien Brain
    Taylor McKimens – Couch-Bombing
    Travis Millard – Ambushing Paddington
    Tuan Nguyen – The Moses
    Jeff Roysdon – Mile High Club
    Johnny Ryan – Rusty Trombone
    Christian Schumann – Roman Shower
    Michael Scoggins – The Coyote
    Adam Parker Smith – Gorilla Mask
    Scott Teplin – Frozen Eddy
    Mark Dean Veca – Hole in One
    Steven Weissman – Aussy Death Grip

  6. John Pound is an amazing artist. Now that I’m a working artist in my mid-thirties, I can look back as his art with a new set of eyes. Did you folks know how fast he was bangin’ those hand painted GPKs out when he worked there?… you can sort of tell, the “cross hatching” gets smoother in the 2nd series and the backgrounds become more detailed – but the charm and distinction is consistant. 
     It’s a real treat to pick up his GPK art collection and read about his experiences at Topps, with Spiegelman, etc. 

    His GPK hardcover collection be on A-muh-zon dot com:

    He wrote a few bars about it on her personal page here as well:

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