After internet-fame, police investigating possible abuse of 9yo child rapper in sex/drug-filled videos

"Lil Poopy" is a 9 year old rapper from Massachussetts whose videos include sexually suggestive content, and lulzy references to the use of cocaine. He has performed with P. Diddy, and his dad says he rakes in $7,500 per show.

After an article about him in The Enterprise brought attention to the age-inappropriate content of his music videos, which include slapping adult women's buttocks and singing "coke ain't a bad word," police have asked state child welfare authorities to look into whether child welfare standards are being broken in his parenting.

(Image: Emily J. Reynolds/The Enterprise)


  1. Interesting that nobody did this when Chloe Grace Moretz played the foul-mouthed head stomper in Kick Ass.  Oh, wait, she was just acting, and Lil Poopy is fuh reelz….

        1. Did I miss the part about exploitation, or are we just going with implied exploitation because of his tender age?

          If anything, this child has exploited the questionable lifestyle of his father to his advantage.

          Seems pretty symbiotic.

          1. And that makes it all okey-dokey when they’re dead at 18. They’re children. They aren’t given free rein in everything because they don’t have the cognitive ability and experience to make choices that lead to survival and long-term happiness. The adults who have custody of them are supposed to do that for them, not whore them out for cash.

        2.  My point is that Chloe Grace Moretz was not much older than that when she was killing men onscreen and using some astonishing language. Is it child exploitation if it’s a rapper on a stage but not an actor or in a movie?

    1. I forget.  Where was the part where she was spanking sexually-posed, almost nude grown men while those men drape themselves all over her?

        1. We already kicked that horse to death in a previous installment sponsored by one Mark Frauenfelder.

  2. I didn’t think I’d ever fondly reminisce about the days of Kris Kross.

    Upon learning of Lil Poopy, I can safely say that I was mistaken.

  3. Xeni, thank you for this article. I’ve idly wondered for a long time why, in a world where the legal working age is 14 in most states, the entertainment industry (and the kids’ parents) are getting away with putting their kids to work to make money for them.

    I’m curious as to how it is different from sending them to work in a factory, besides the obvious answer of there being MUCH more profit in it.

    I’m not saying they should ban all kids from working in the entertainment industry, ever, I’m just saying that when child star after child star dies or becomes a messed-up addict for life, I’m bewildered that we don’t examine the environments that involvement in the entertainment industry exposes them to a little more closely.

  4. $7500 a show pays for a good college.  

    Do you really think all these rappers are doing hookers and blow?  Do you really think this kid is?  Okay, some of them do have the “thug life” thing, but a large number more of them are just using that as part of a stage act.

    Come on.  Do you really think this kid is getting cocaine? 

      1. Honestly, yes.
        Just as it’d surprise me if people who blamed the Beatles for their drug use, or Truman Capote for becoming serial killers, or John Grisham for becoming a corrupt attorney, or any one else for “acting.”

        The father says he’s acting.  The kid’s school says he’s a well adjusted fourth grader.  The kid’s friends say he’s a good kid.  The family has no history of drug abuse or alcohol or even police reports.    
        Honestly, if this kid were white and were going on some TV sitcom , nobody would be raising this fuss.. and there ARE histories of THAT being abusive where even the directors would physically discipline the actors for messing up.

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