Best of Risk! #4 - one of my favorite podcasts

Risk! is a podcast where people tell true stories "they thought they'd never dare to share," usually recorded in front of a live audience. The stories are sometimes confessional, sometimes X-rated, sometimes about criminal behavior, often moving, often tragic, and yet almost always funny. I love this podcast, and I'm happy to announce that Kevin Allison, the producer of the Risk! podcast and live event series, has just released The Best of Risk! #4, which is an excellent introduction to the kinds of stories you'll hear on the podcast.

In addition to having unforgettable stories in each episode, Kevin always picks a couple of songs from little-known bands to play between stories, and I think his taste in music is exquisite.


Foxy Ladies by Allison Moon
Allison throws a lesbian orgy. The women put on animal masks and race around the loft in a game of "Fuck the Fox." Allison's roommate's mom just happens to stop by.

The Seven-Toe Minimum by Lisa Lampanelli
Lisa falls in love with a 400-pound Italian man with mobster-like ways but a very kind heart. But when the doctor says he's committing suicide with his over-eating and he refuses to change, Lisa leaves.

Get Cool Fast by Sam Mullins
At 13, Sam just wants to impress girls. At a birthday party by a lake, he heroically offers to go get a girl's ball that's strayed into the water. Because of a freak accident, Sam ends up bleeding, nude, and hanging upside down off a pier with his face in the water.

The Other Side of the Story by Lee Harrington
Lee was once a 14-year old girl who got raped by a boy a few years older. 15 years later, after changing his sex, Lee is at a BDSM club and runs into the guy who once raped him. They sit down and chat, Lee learns of the rapist's motivations, and Lee finally forgives him.

Best of Risk! #4


  1. Okay, I’m a big Boing Boing fan, and that’s the best link I’ve ever clicked on this site. I loved every second of that podcast. Thanks.

    1. I have been listening to Risk! for a while.  It is really, really great….I was at the Philadelphia live show where Becca Trabin told her story.  I cried, it was a transformational story, her ability to tell the story, and her stage presence were both touching.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Allison Moon since her book came out last year, Lunatic Fringe. She has a great stage presence and fun to listen to. The tale she did in the podcast is on YouTube (just search Bawdy Allison Moon) and she is just fun to listen too.

    The rest of the podcast is pretty cool too. :)

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