Best of Risk! #4 - one of my favorite podcasts


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  1. Marshall_Cogburn says:

    Okay, I’m a big Boing Boing fan, and that’s the best link I’ve ever clicked on this site. I loved every second of that podcast. Thanks.

    • I have been listening to Risk! for a while.  It is really, really great….I was at the Philadelphia live show where Becca Trabin told her story.  I cried, it was a transformational story, her ability to tell the story, and her stage presence were both touching.

  2. D. Moonfire says:

    I’ve been a fan of Allison Moon since her book came out last year, Lunatic Fringe. She has a great stage presence and fun to listen to. The tale she did in the podcast is on YouTube (just search Bawdy Allison Moon) and she is just fun to listen too.

    The rest of the podcast is pretty cool too. :)

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