Boing Boing reader's cat photos should probably become a meme

We found this cat in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool. Bill Benson shot this photo, and the one below.

More in his Flickr stream. These cat photos have an awful lot of meme power within.


      1. That’s as may be, but you can’t disagree with the cat’s dissatisfaction. I mean, look at it: the text isn’t formatted properly, it’s crowding out the cat…I wouldn’t be happy with it, either. It’s got a sort of “following the contours of the cat head” thing going on, but other than that it’s a mess.

    1. Ask a French mime. If you can get them to talk. In French, the expression is “Meme chose”. It’s the same thing in English

  1. I’m severely allergic to cats. My brother, on the other hand has two, and they literally sleep on his forehead. Reroll. 

  2. Yes it should read “Revolución.” I am, apparantly a moron with a copy of photoshop. You’re welcome, internet.

    1. ‘Do you  *see* what’s on my paw?  I gotta clean this with my tongue.  Please change the cat litter!’

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