Embroidery Trouble Shooting Guide

At the Embroidery Trouble Shooting Guide, HTML "heading" tags accumulate unclosed, thereby making the text grow inexorably in size until the greatest website in the world is achieved. [Sewing and Embroidery Warehouse. Hat via: Joel. (Backup)]


    1. The increasing font size is one thing, but combine it with the distressing language of problems, failures and dangers…I imagine a textiles apprentice having a panic attack.

  1. what the hell wysiwyg editor did they create this in that lets you get away with this and doesn’t render it properly?

        1. In fact, when I contacted Sewing and Embroidery Warehouse about it, they said the same thing – It looks fine in IE.

        2. OK.  I’ll admit I opened it in IE first, and it renders just fine.  To the point of me getting a bit WTF?  I just opened it in Chrome and nearly spit food at the monitor.  

      1. There’s a woman here in PS who bills herself as a professional web designer and uses FrontPage.  She charges ~ $50 an hour.  And gets it.

  2. Hah, I don’t know why that made me giggle so much. Tracing around that “P” starting the final line with my touchpad to work out what letter it was was more fun than it should have been.

  3. OK, I’m feeling like a total idiot here… I can’t duplicate it.
    I mean, I can copy/paste their code and see it, but if I try:

    <h3> line 1
    <h3> line 2
    <h3> line 3
    <h3> line 4
    <h3> line 5

    It doesn’t work. I’ve tried the table structure, linebreaks, the doctype. I KNOW I’m missing something really silly, it’s just been awhile since I’ve done any html.

    Can someone ease my pain?
    (The first time I tried posting, BB’s site added the closing tags – heh)

    1. make sure to use the right doctype:
      <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN”>

      and combine the lack of closing h3 tags with the magical also unclosed and repeated tag of:
      <width=”25%” align=”left”>

      it isn’t the h3 tag causing this, it is the width tag propagating, closing h3 tags would have prevented this.

      1. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

        It’s greatly appreciated. I can stop farking with it now.

        I tried it with my standard “XHTML 1.0 Strict” doctype and it still works.
        I wonder why the width tag does that?

        1. no problem! :-)  that sort of thing drives me mad too, lol.
          more then happy to help!

          excellent question and to be honest I’m not entirely sure.  intuitively I’d think it’d make it 75% smaller each time, but nope.

    2.  <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN”>
      <h3><width=”25%” align=”left”>Test 1
      <h3><width=”25%” align=”left”>Test 2
      <h3><width=”25%” align=”left”>Test 3
      <h3><width=”25%” align=”left”>Test 4

  4. What’s wierd is it looks fine on my android phone.  I see it happen on my desktop computers using chrome, ie, firefox or safari, but using my android phone’s default web browser or Dolphin’s browser all the text is the same size.  Not sure how that happens but perhaps the person doing the coding only proofed it on a mobile device. 

  5. Being an editore, it took me a bit to get past the headline, which at first made me think that it was a shooting guide by some group called “Embroidery Trouble.”

  6. They haven’t styled h3, so it takes on the browser default styling. In the case of Chrome, h3 is 117% the size of the containing element. So, when you nest tags like this, it gets bigger and bigger.. I assume the same thing happens in Firefox. But if IE styles h3 as having an actual fixed size (like, say, 18 pixels), then it would look alright.

    1. actually, ran some tests…just leaving the h3 tags open doesn’t work.  you need the magical width tag they also don’t close in order to get this effect.  see my reply above.

  7. Okay that was seriously funny.  I just kept scrolling waiting for when one letter would take up the whole screen!

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