Films compressed into "bar codes"



For several years, MOVIEBARCODE has compressed entire films and famous film sequences into barcode-like images where the lines represent frames from the movie. There are hundreds in the archive and prints are available too. Seen here at top, Blade Runner, and below that, Dorothy entering the Technicolor of Oz. And here's a Movie Barcode Generator so you can do it yourself! (via @death_waltz_records)


  1. What’s amazing is that I was immediately certain the first picture represented Blade Runner before reading it. Either this was mentioned here before or the movie is so recognizable that every reference to it just jumps at you. Or that I’ve seen it a few times too many.
    Writing this comment I looked many more times at it, it’s unmistakably Blade Runner, it even looks like one single scene, just garbled.
    Other films on that site that I saw many times are not nearly as recognizable to me, except perhaps Falling Down and Star Wars V. Others remind me surprisingly little of the actual movies.

  2. When I took a high dose of Salvia Divinorum reality looked like this, except one of the lines was an infinite plane that my body merged with and eventually became.

    That shit is crazy.

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