Geohot says the darndest things


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  1. SamSam says:

    Not enough of a Vim geek to get that last one. Is the idea that if the (back?) arrow key is bound to delete, then you’d better write things correctly the first time, because going back to fix it will make life even worse for you? Or if you bind all arrow keys to delete, you train yourself never to touch arrow keys at all?

    • ayleph says:

      I think your second guess is correct. Plain old vi (if I remember correctly) doesn’t use arrow keys to navigate; you have to use HJKL. I often run into this on Solaris boxes or embedded systems that don’t have vim installed. I’ll try to navigate with arrow keys and accidentally insert newlines with B or D in the file.

    • Dean Putney says:

      Vim has powerful navigation short cuts for moving not only in single steps between characters, but also between words and lines. The arrow keys are a crutch for navigation and would prevent you from learning these other tools, so the backspace remap is punishment for using them by deleting your work.

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