Harlem Shake, the chemotherapy edition

That's @wunderglo in the video. So so so awesome. I feel cheated. My chemotherapy infusions were nothing like this. Also, FURRIES. (from the Wunder Project, HT: Sean Smith)


  1. YES! And – yes! Every despairing and challenging moment in life needs to embraced like this. Let’s dance in the face of death! Fuck you, Death! ——- also – mine would have puppets.

  2. Unless you know some of these people closely and personally as furries, I don’t see any in the video. I see a teddy bear being bounced around and someone in a hoodie with something sort of like devil ears, but no furries. Just so we have our internet subculture shout-outs correct!

    (PS : This is what a furry Harlem Shake looks like : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVlddH1NbJM)

  3. This needs a remix with the video Xeni posted before, of a gentleman with cancer who made a funny video about his chemo treatment…  all I can remember is him yelling it keeps beeping…

  4. So this is actually my wife, and despite appearances she is 31 years old :). She always tries to have fun at her chemo sessions, but today was especially raucous. Thanks for posting Xeni!

  5. Harlem shake videos are great.  It is so simple, and even though I know it’s coming I still laugh my ass off.  I do like me a really good Gangnam style video, but this is so easy for the masses to do well.

  6. Thanks, all! I’m actually the patient (I prefer to call myself a “cancer warrior”) and I had a blast making the video. We actually have a far more important film about the movement I’m leading to find the cure (yup, cure) for colon cancer. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rJsNC4xQW4. Thanks again, everyone! I will continue showing cancer who’s boss. 

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