How to turn Morrissey into John Lennon


25 Responses to “How to turn Morrissey into John Lennon”

  1. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    Please do this for the Smiff’s entire catalog.

  2. ebiii says:

    Fan-fucking-tastic!  Just give me some truth — do I look fat in this?

  3. timquinn says:

    I’m getting more of a Syd Barrett vibe.

  4. Matthew Urso says:

    that felt more MBV then beatles

  5. Anne Onimos says:

    Does this really sound like John Lennon to anyone?

  6. HubrisSonic says:

    What a gyp. I thought this post was about how to physically turn Morrissey into someone else. 

    #diy #maker

  7. Philboyd Studge says:

    No problem…just put him in a cardigan.

  8. babylost says:

    sounds like the porpoise song by the monkees

  9. Andrew Eisenberg says:

    More Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett than anything Lennon.

  10. Andrew Eisenberg says:

     Oops. Should have read the comments before posting…

  11. bfarn says:

    Well, I can never pass up a chance to plug my formula for turning Bobby McFerrin into Andre the Giant…

  12. squidfood says:

    This goes absurdly well with that toddler-in-crib video.

  13. Ladyfingers says:

    Sounds like Bethany Curve.

  14. abstract_reg says:

    Rob, it sounds like Lennon to me.

  15. scav says:

    Huh.  I’ve never heard the original, so I dunno.  It still sounds pretty much like Morrisey though. He’s got a fairly distinctive singing voice.

  16. B A says:

    I’m not seeing anything but half an orange blob with some smaller blobs behind it. I’ve disabled Adblock and Ghostery and still the same.
    Please could you also use a direct link when you embed media?
    Being a long-time Morrissey fan I’d love to hear this.

  17. rtresco says:

    Nice! Though when it does sound like Lennon, it’s Julian.

  18. spiregrain says:

    I seem to remember that a slowed-down Jamiroquai sounds just like Barry White.

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