Mark's mailing from EL wire, tiny microscope, and a black light flashlight


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  1. Daemonworks says:

    Blacklights are a great way to burn out the eyes of people who don’t realize that they are much brighter than they look, and that the retinal damage from UV light doesn’t cause any pain.

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      The flashlights have warning labels on them, of course!

      • Donald King says:

        I got the package and like it, but the warning label isn’t very big, and I did look directly into the light before I noticed the warning and became aware that it was a UV flashlight. I haven’t noticed any difference in my vision; I didn’t look directly into the lights for very long. But I’d say the warning was too small to be effective for someone who didn’t suspect the flashlight was anything other than a regular flashlight.

        Note: I had to put batteries in it before turning it on and I still didn’t notice the warning. Like many people probably do, I looked through all the stuff before opening the envelope with the  letter from Mark in it, so putting a warning in there wouldn’t have been an effective warning for me.

        – Donald King

        PS: The UV flashlight is very cool and after I saw it was a UV light I went around the house looking at everything using the UV light.

  2. jmcgarry says:

    I have that microscope, it’s in my hiking bag… got to see a tiny butterfly larva up close: worth it.

  3. mtdna says:

    One amazing thing you can do with a uv light is find traces of body fluids. You have to be careful though. Sometimes you find out more about people than you want to know…

  4. Jorpho says:

    EL tubing is relatively cheap on eBay, and useful for giving one’s bicycle that extra bit of visibility.  (The folks who sell it purposefully for bicycles mark up the price by 400%, of course.)

  5. I’m a little bummed that I already have 2 of the 3 items. 

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