NJ man accused of illegally selling deer to restaurants, used girlfriend's head as gunrest during hunts


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  1. blueelm says:

    Well that is disturbing. Word of advice to people of either sex: if you just started dating some one and almost immediately they need to move in with you, try saying NO. 

    I’m always amazed how many people will let a new partner live with them, when the person is some one they wouldn’t accept as a roommate otherwise.

  2. At least it wasn’t horse meat. 

    • ldobe says:

      I wonder if there’s even much of a difference in taste between venison and horse.  I’ve had venison, and I know they tend to give horses a pretty diverse diet somewhat similar to deer.

      I’ve never had horse, and honestly, It’s not all that disturbing to me.  My problem is that horse can make its way into the food supply masquerading as something else, which makes me upset at regulators and quality control.  What else could be getting into food surreptitiously?

      Has anyone here had horse?  Is it any good?  Is it comparable to beef or venison or elk?

      • you mean you don’t THINK you’ve ever had horse.

        • ldobe says:

          Right.  I’ve never sat down at a restaurant and ordered a horse steak.  I’ve probably had up to or more of the government allowance of horse in tacobell ground “beef” etc.  Just like everyone else

      • blueelm says:

        I’ve eaten both. IMO venison tastes better. It does taste more like venison than beef, but not as intense. That may be because the only venison I’ve eaten has been hunted and butchered from the wild, whereas the horse I’ve eaten was served in a restaurant and probably the horse was not raised only for eating or treated very well. It was lean and sweet, definitely if you were eating only horse meat you would know it was not beef.

        I would imagine though, you could fool some people into thinking horse meat was veal based on how it looks.

        Full disclosure: when regularly eating meat my favorites among red meats were mutton, goat, venison, and *then* beef, ox, buffalo, etc. So if you like lighter flavored meats better, then you might actually prefer horse meat.

        • ldobe says:

          I really like venison.  And I have friends in Idaho and Montana who send bear sausage a few times a year, and that’s just delicious.  At least, wild bear is delicious.  On one occasion I’ve had bear that was very habituated to people and had been eating garbage, and that’s pretty much what it tasted like.

      • Jerril says:

        It’s like an incredibly tender, lean beef. 

      • Dlo Burns says:

        Careful on the kind of horse you get, last time I had it, it was so stringy and leatherish it could of been Mr Ed himself. 

  3. euansmith says:

    When it mentioned about using her head as a gun rest, I immediately assumed it was no longer attached to her body.

    • ohbejoyful says:

      As did I. I was glad to hear it was *only* abuse, not murder, although at this rate if she doesn’t get out and stay out it may end up that way.

    • BookGuy says:

       The extra-sad part is that a disembodied head is the only way this makes sense.  You want stability from a gun rest, which you usually don’t get from a head still attached to a living human.  Unless she’s one of those “living statues” people.

      • blueelm says:

        No no, it makes sense. It just doesn’t make sense if you assume stabilizing the weapon was the actual intent behind the demand.

  4. Stefan Jones says:

    Oh dear . . . he’s going to have a hard time bucking these staggering charges.

  5. Shame on this guy. But shame on the restaurants as well. Everyone knows it’s illegal to sale game meat in the food world. I’m a licensed NJ sportsmen and they hammer that home at all the classes. I’d assume a restauranteur would know better if some sclub is selling you venison, well below market price from a distributor.

    If horse can pass for beef, I doubt it resembles venison closely. 

  6. Rob Wheeler says:

    Hmm. Southern New Jersey. Crazy Southern Folk.

  7. Boundegar says:

    I imagine having a rifle fired while resting on one’s head could be painful.  Also loud.

  8. Dlo Burns says:

    She needed a shoulder to cry on, and he needed a little head to rest.

    Seriously though, spotlighting and shooting deer from a truck* is such an asshole thing to do. This guy is just one of those people that screw things up for everybody else.

    *with her being in the cab too I imagine the gunfire to be absolutely punishing.

  9. The asshole is totally not from South Jersey, all the action occured in North Jersey, anything below Trenton is South

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