Real Genius in the style of M. Night Shyamalan

You know what's better than the nerd-classic 1985 teen comedy Real Genius? How about the Real Genius trailer recut in the style of M. Night Shyamalan, by YouTuber dondrapersayswhat (creator of the Breakfast Club/Avengers mashup and this this insanely great Baby Got Back mashup?

Real Genius by M. Night Shyamalan: Trailer Recut (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. I would watch the hell out of that, which would take some doing since I’ve already watched the hell out of the actual movie. Maybe it would involve growing another pair of eyeballs. Pass the nanites!

  2. I love these because they show how sound design and editing have the most influence regardless of what the writer intended.

  3. Not bad, although of course Real Genius is perfect as is and if MNS ever got anywhere near it… well, orbital death lasers would be the least of his problems. Believe me.

    Although, I always did wonder what Laszlo invented that killed people…

  4. You know what I like about M. Night Shyamalan, is that he got enormous bunches of shit about a bunch of his movies, but he ignored it every time, and just kept on making them. This isn’t always a good thing, but in his case I think it will bear fruit. I have mostly liked his stuff, none of it was Ben Hur material, but I feel at some point he will have something to blow us away, or at least I hope so, if I was to characterise my like of his stuff is that I see where he is going with this.

    If I made movies I would certainly play it like this, I dislike the mindless slaughter, I feel proper fear is not achieved by cutting up or killing people, but by scaring them, I one day hope to make a scary movie, it will be called Goatman, and you will be scared.

    1. Quit teasing us and make the damn movie. I can’t contribute much, but I’m willing to offer some money to help it get made, and I hear all the kids these days are into this “crowdfunding” thing.

      P.S. You had me at “I dislike the mindless slaughter”.

  5. This just goes to show that you make any movie look a lot better than it originally is. Now i’m not saying that this movie isn’t good, just trying to prove my point. 

  6. I wonder if, on some level, part of why this works so well is that the original Real Genius is a very funny film, yes, but it’s about a subject that is every bit as creepy as anything M. Night Whateverhisnameis has ever addressed, namely the really deeply incestuous relationship between our top scientific research colleges and the military-industrial complex. Take Val “Chris Knight” Kilmer’s quips out of the movie and take the popcorn out of the ending, and you’ve made all the changes you need to make to turn Real Genius into a cold-war psychological horror thriller.

    1. I’m struck by how unlikely it is that this film would be made at all these days. You mean there was a time when people would have had moral considerations about air-based weapons for secret, targeted assassinations? Shit, we give people medals for using those weapons now.

      Waiting on the remake with Ryan Reynolds replacing Val Kilmer, and everyone rallying against time to build that new drone to kill all the bad people.

      1. “Waiting on the remake with Ryan Reynolds replacing Val Kilmer, and everyone rallying against time to build that new drone to kill all the bad people.”

        No. Do not want. Please, please, please nobody ever…ever… ever do what has been suggested here.

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