Wiretap! 1955 pulp book cover carries timely warning


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  1. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    “The NSA offers exciting and interesting work for recent college graduates in mathematics and computer science. Pick up the phone, call your mom, and ask for an application.”

  2. iamlegion says:


  3. Preston Sturges says:

    AMC recently showed “The Anderson Tapes” (1971) which was about wiretapping run amok yet failing to catch a big home invasion heist.


    Other notable things were the NYPD “Randomatic” analog computer that delivered suspects rap sheets on a tiny conveyer belt, and Christopher Walken looking like his high school year book picture.

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    Charles Einstein (Albert Einstein’s kid brother?) wrote a book about a guy in closet with a reel-to-reel the size of manual typewriter that he balances on an apple crate so he can eavesdrop on a Vargas girl who is wrapped in a towel, while a man with cufflinks prepares to leave her place (or enter the closet?)

    • pjcamp says:

       Charles Einstein (August 2, 1926 – March 7, 2007) was a newspaperman and sportswriter and he also wrote the novel The Bloody Spur on which the film While the City Sleeps by Fritz Lang was based. His father was the comedian Harry Parke. He is the older half-brother of comedic actors Albert Brooks and Bob Einstein, better known by his stage name “Super Dave Osborne”.

      . . . according to The Great Wiki.

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