Articulated, flapping steampunk wings

PeaceLoveMagic sez: "Etsy seller steampunk22 from Thin Gypsy Studios offers these amazing wings crafted from wood, brass and copper. Fully articulated. the wings rise and fall with the assistance of custom carved black walnut handles. The wings are affixed with bonded vinyl/leather straps with a range of sizing options. $2750 seems like a bargain, when you consider most steampunks have to die to get wings. Judging by the images on their website/blog, Thin Gypsy Thief Studios seems to specialize in droolworthy steampunk accoutrements."

Steampunk Icarus Wings - Handmade, Backmounted, Pulley Driven Wings MKII


    1.  Anymore it’s more or less just gluing ̶b̶i̶r̶d̶s̶  broken mechanical watch parts on things. I think at this stage as a ‘-punk’ its having an identity crisis.

  1. Vinyl?  I would expect any self-respecting steampunk to demand leather.  Vegans be damned, only the finest materials, what?

  2. Here’s a much more refined version of the same concept. It took first place at the Dragon*Con Masquerade.

    1. Here’s a direct link to some videos of our wings:

  3. $2750 seems like a bargain, when you consider most steampunks have to die to get wings

    No way, I’m a steampunk Jehovah’s Witness. When the world ends, the slumbering dead will rise from their graves to face judgment by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Those who believed in him, will live forever in an earthly paradise made entirely of brass gears

    1. I always like the story of how Robert Altman got Leonard Cohen to do the music for McCabe and Mrs Miller. When Altman first asked, Cohen turned him down saying he didn’t really watch movies much and that the last one he liked was about some guy flying around in the Astrodome. When Altman told Cohen that he had made that one, Cohen changed his mind.

      1.  I saw that Amazon has a remastered edition. It’s always good when movies like this don’t just disappear.

  4. The text promises an “authentic “Icarus – Assisted Flight Apparatus” brandplate”. So… how do I know it is actually an authentic one? I assume there are a lot of unauthentic “Icarus – Assisted Flight Apparatus” brandplates, as this seems to be a big selling point, but how can I verify it? I mean, for $2750 I want to be assured it is an authentic one! Also, does the brandplate guarantee it is indeed an “Icarus – Assisted Flight Apparatus”, and… does it also guarantee that it will fly me all the way to the sun? The text doesn’t contain any disclaimer about the issue, so I do assume that it does. Hmm, actually… with all these features it is a bargain!

  5. Heyyyyyy, these are my friends from Vancouver Island!  Kyle also made T-Pain’s touring mic!  FAAAAAME!

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