David Bowie and Tilda Swinton



  1. I haven’t been this excited over a new, mainstream album release in years. I don’t care if it’s not his best one (chances are it won’t) or if it’s not entirely original or what have you. Still, Bowie manages to be vastly superior to practically anything churned by the pop music industry. 

    Now, if only he would also tour…

    1. Replying to myself to add (because edits don’t allow for addition of photos): the tabloid cover in the video was a nice touch.

    2. You’re wondering if the guy who created Diamond Dogs (the best album EVER?), Hunky Dory, Ziggy Stardust, Low, Heroes, Scary Monsters and I’ll throw in Lodger just because of ‘Look back in anger’, all more than 30 years ago, might still have his best work in front of him?

      I admire your reach UnderachievingSheep, I admire your reach.

  2. I’m not sure I like the song as much as the first one from a few weeks ago (though that one admittedly took a few listens to take hold and I only watched this once so far), but the video was really quite interesting. The song feels like the next iteration from 2000’s-era Bowie, but the video hearkens back to his ~80’s era videos a bit, while still being unique and new (the Bowie trademark). That’s opposed to the earlier song, which lyrically (not musically) hearkened back to his late 70’s era but the video of which was very “new aesthetic”.

  3. behold the power and the brilliance of bowie. who else would think to have tilda swinton play him, and who else could GET her? “hi, tilda, it’s david… i have this idea…”

    1. [RING! RING!]
      BOWIE: Yes, of course, this is hello.
      TILDA: Yo, what up DB!
      B: Pardon me?
      T: This Bowie?
      B: Oh yes! I am the Bowie. Are we, perhaps, familiar?
      T: Naw, we ain’t formally acquainted.
      B: Oh! But, who can you be?
      T: This is Tilda.
      B: Tilde?
      T: Tilda.
      B: Toldya?
      T: Tilda.
      B: Tante?
      T: Tilda. Like, KMS AKA Katherine Matilda Swinton AKA Tilda Stardust AKA…
      B: Ah yes! Perhaps, yes! I can also be MANY people inside of my mind! Do you enjoy grapefruit?
      T: What?
      B: It is HIDING! But it is not so clever! HA HA HA HA! … HA HA HA HA!
      T: … What?
      B: Sure, exactly. …
      T: … Ok. … So you probly wonderin why I called.
      B: No.
      T: …
      B: Hee-hee! Yes! That was just some of my tricking! Pickle! Pickle! Legs on FIRE! Hide your shame on the telephone wire!
      T: … You one kooky French bastard!
      B: English bastard.

  4. I caught a glimpse of Ms. Swinton during the period when they were filming this. She is just as beautiful in person. (Or, in my case, waiting for a red light at Rossmore and Rosewood.)

  5. I love it. Is it , like, as an old man star, he’s passing the baton to the younger stars? The female young celebrity looks a bit like Lady Gaga with those fingers, is that intentional?

    But then he- they’re both- a cool, older Bowie at the end.

    Dig this a lot.

  6. I was in France or Switzerland
    In a store looking out on a cobblestoned street in a quaint village
    I had received a toy xylophone in the mail, it was sent by David Bowie
    Saying to come visit him at his recording studio
    But it was a form letter
    With my name stamped on it
    Apparently he had sent many people the same xylophone
    With the same request
    Saying that he was working on a new record
    And anybody with some ideas should come and visit him.
    I thought, “Yeah he’ll take everybody’s ideas and then we’ll never hear from him again.”
    The more I pondered this, the less benevolent the gift became.

    — Ann Magnuson

    1. Did you know that you can link directly to a post instead of using a link that will be useless in an hour?

  7. This video is too great! Even more amazing that the record is streaming on iTunes right now! After nearly a decade this is such a pleasant surprise!

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