Killer replaced victim's head backwards

A man who decapitated his mother, replaced the head backwards, then performed Hannibal Lecter impressions during his arrest, was sentenced this week to indefinite psychiatric detention. [Court News UK via @nero]


  1. From the article, he said:

    You saw the body when it was taken away.

    ‘It didn’t look human.’

    He had removed her head and repositioned it backwards, Exorcist style and then he complains it didn’t look human? There really isn’t any logic to madness, is there? I do feel for him, though because if psychiatric detention includes treatment and he does get better, I wonder how he will live with the gravity of his past actions once he is faced with them.

    1. At least he’s getting the treatment he clearly needs.

      I get the impression that quite a lot of people ‘in the system’ either need some serious special education or psychiatric care; it’s just easier to stick em behind a fence where they can work for a few pence a day.

  2. From the article:

    He flew into one of his rages the day before the killing, when paramedics were called to reports of him lying in the street.

    When he came around, he started launching abuse at his mother and medics feared he would physically harm her.

    They reported the case to Lewisham social services but it only triggered a phone call from one of their advisers.

    That’s so sad.  I wish someone had been able to help prevent this.

    @johnphantom: Very true.

    1. It is called ‘Care in the Community’. The involvement of various agencies with any one case is patchy and infrequent allowing no-one to really begin to get a clear picture of what level of intervention may be appropriate. More often than not the only care to be found is in prison.


    A knife maniac…”

    Ye I stopped reading there, what is this the Daily Star?

    I was trying to work out where in Lewisham this was, I used to live there myself. Shame that irrelevant of the context, every story out of Lewisham seems to involve a knife.

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