Seed lending library


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  1. nixiebunny says:

    We have this in Tucson as well. 

  2. kevix says:

    has shades of the Monsanto case. Hope those seeds are not patented.

  3. griever says:

    So you continue to pick the fruits and veggies with the best genetic mutations over and over until you have something resilient and tasty. See some genetically modified food can be ok :) 

  4. SamSam says:

    One nice thing about some seed banks I’ve seen (and maybe that you’ve posted here) is that they stress you do not need to return with seeds next year. It’s nice if you do, of course, but they don’t want to dissuade people who are scared that they won’t be able to grow things and won’t be able to give the seeds back.

  5. davidgervais says:

    From Vancouver, BC. 
    I was at “Seedy Saturday” last weekend at a local public garden.  In general, the food seeds on offer were open pollinated, organic, heritage varieties.  There were no “patented” varieties although there were some F1 hybrids on display. 

    Flower seeds were mostly native or heritage varieties.
    There was also a seed exchange table.  

    I think there very little danger of the Monsanto-ization of a public seed sharing facility of any type.

  6. teapot says:

    There are places on the internet that do this with more useful/fun seeds and growing materials.

    Also: Fruit/Vegetable breeding is not GM.

  7. Sasha K-S says:

    I give this about two years before Monsanto shuts it down, then sues the library into bankruptcy, repossesses the building, bulldozes it, salts the field, and sends some corporate lawyers out to take smelly shits on the property, which, being owned my monsanto, the nearby community members who have to smell it will be legally barred from cleaning up.

  8. kringlebertfistyebuns says:

    This could certainly be a source for some interesting home-brewed crossbreeds.  Go ahead and deposit the seeds of that sweet bell pepper you grew next to the habaneros!    The lulz…oh, the lulz.

  9. Omaha Public Library is “opening” a seed library, as well. So far the idea has been met with tremendous response; we hope it’s as successful once it’s put into action!

    Welcome to the new wave of lending.

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