TOM THE DANCING BUG: Bad Fetus, in "Fetal Firepower!!"

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH our prenatal protagonist tries to purchase a weapon and gets wrapped up in red tape more tangled than an umbilical cord. BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK to see Tom the Dancing Bug every week! Members of the elite INNER HIVE get the comic emailed to their inboxes at least a day before publication -- and much, much MORE!

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  1. Wow… that was such a cool read.
    In the sequel, you should have him dump toxic waste everywhere, vote republican, and drive a monster truck. 

  2. Not sure I get the point. The first two dealers refused a sale as they were required to by law. Only after subverting the law by declaring himself a person through the questionable method of incorporation, is he sold a gun, which would not happen at the same dealer, because the process of incorporation neither advanced his age to 18, nor would it expunge the felony conviction. I know it is a comic, but what gives? I like the idea of poking fun at corporate personhood, though.

    1.  I hope you never read “A Modest Proposal”, you’ll be truly horrified at what that dude is literally suggesting…

      1. I’ve read it, and I encourage that behavior to reduce world population.  Feel free to eat your young, everyone.  I won’t be doing it because I am a vegetarian, however.

        1. I am too, but I’m one of those vegetarians that treat certain ethnicities like seafood. Not reeeeally cheating..

    2. Life imitating Fiction from the New York Times: Trusts Offer a Legal Loophole for Buying Restricted Guns The story is about how a trust can be setup to allow people who may not be legally able to buy a gun the ability to get their hands on one. Google Gun Trusts and see what comes up.

  3. As God’s Gift regardless of the circumstances of his conception, I cannot understand WHAT possible Felony Conviction could be on his record.. Please explain.

    1. original sin, as it (he?) hasn’t been baptized by good christian parents yet…?
      i think there is a national database of sinners out there. gun dealers clearly have access to it.

      or something.

      personally, i find fetuses (which then progress to infants, which are really just small adult human beings) are the result of sexual intercourse or various forms of artificial insemination. i like to keep any gifting from god(s) or others out of the equation. you might be into that sort of thing, and that is OK… kind of kinky, but OK.

    2. The cartoon establishes that Bad Fetus can lawyer up, visit gun shops and use guns as of the cartoon’s “today”. The odds seem pretty good that today wasn’t the first day that that was true, and, therefore, when someone suggests that, before today, Bad Fetus committed a felony, you need only use your imagination to synthesize a gallimaufry of chicanery and malfeasance…

      (This reply has been brought to you by Fee-Seize Financial Services. If there’s a fee you need seized, call Fee-Seize. Remember, you’re covered… with Fee-Seize!)

    3. Bad Fetus was one of Tom the Dancing Bug’s first cartoons. In the toon about 20 years previously, Bad Fetus committed first degree murder, but conservatives were in a pickle. They wanted to get him the death penalty, but that would be (gasp!) an abortion.

      1.  Except, it’s not a sub machine gun, since it only fires semi auto.

        Reading is a popular way to understand the information you are trying to cite.

        1. “Semi auto version of the same sub machine gun” — that does not imply that the gun is a sub machine gun, just that it is the same basic gun as a sub machine gun but with a semi auto mechanism.

          And since it is the same gun it’s entirely accurate. The noun here standing in for the Uzi carbine is “version”, not “sub machine gun” which is the object of the prepositional phrase modifying “version”.

          Edited to be less dickish.

    1. Bad Fetus is referring to the inferior semi-auto civilian version which must have at least a 16 inch barrel. That model is all that would be available to him since he isn’t serving in any country’s military or as a law enforcement officer.

  4. Augh.  Gun control?  Citizens United?  Abortion?

    I’m going back to reading Pogo, where all of the political humor fits on the side of a rowboat.

  5. The ultrasound machine is like Daigoro’s pram in Lone Wolf and Cub, only without Lone Wolf.

  6. Looks familiar!  Fetus with a gun, eh?

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