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  1. I guess I’d like to know if the content is diferent on the different channels. If yes, then I might check it out. If no, then I guess its just a matter of delivery preference.

    1. It’s a little different. Check ’em all out. The nature of the content and interaction varies, because each of those platforms vary. Mostly we just want to reach everyone who uses a given platform. Me, I don’t use Facebook at all, but am a very active Twitter user. Other friends, Google+ or Facebook only, and no Twitter. We’re agnostic, and we want to reach everyone where they already live.

  2. I would love to see BB post to identi.ca, a truly open microblogging platform that I hope eventually takes a lot of users away from Twitter.

    1. I’ve been considering (finally) getting a Twitter account.  Perhaps I will give this a spin instead.

  3. zero sum (game)!  a minute spent on boing-boing-the-facebook is a minute fewer that i can spend reading boing-boing-the-blog (and admiring its shiny colored advertising) …which should it be?  i’ll respect only Xeni’s directives in this.

    1. Well, I mean, if you have to choose one? Boing Boing the blog means we also get paid. So, please do visit the blog, and view our ads, so we get paid and can continue doing what we love and you love.

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