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28 Responses to “Bach, played on two pianos at the same time, by Evan Shinners”

  1. noah django says:

    he leaves the pianos and the music keeps going.  that means it’s fake.

    • Boundegar says:

      Nut-uh!  What if he’s telekinetic?  Hmmm?

    • MarcusH333 says:

      Or you could pay attention and listen to the fact that the music changes to a studio recorded track at that point. 

      • noah django says:

         you obviously have better speakers than the ones on my laptop.  of course, he could have avoided any confusion by simply, you know, *not* editing in a studio track over his performance.  why the onus is on me to notice this instead of on him to avoid any editing that might be construed as cheating is beyond me.

        • MarcusH333 says:

          I agree the editing could have been better. But one of the “live” pianos seems untuned. The studio ones do not.

    • Julien B. says:

      No it’s not a fake, I was in the room and he was playing in front of a public. Believe me, it is just gifted!!
      At the end it’s just an audio editing :)

  2. Rob Gehrke says:

    Not sure if you’re kidding but…
    He gradually spliced in a different recording (on better tuned pianos…) from 1:06-1:09 – it looks like he was really playing. 

  3. yragentman says:

    Why is this any more difficult that playing the two hand parts on one piano, exactly?

    • Sean says:

      The notes are in the same range – your fingers would collide.  
      The melodic emphasis switches from hand to hand, this is a piece of musical gymnastics on a dual manual harpsichord.  Playing it on two pianos is just showing off. 

  4. Anne Onimos says:

    Good trick. Nice scarf.

    • BreakTheChains says:

      The scarf looks like a flag of some country…

      No questioning the technical ability of this young man.  But the audio quality is disappointing (the video part) with the part played by the left hand not clear at all, with occasional out of tune bits.   

  5. jaybar says:

    Organists do this all the time (playing on two keyboards at once)- what impresses me the most here is not looking at either. And chewing gum, or something, at the same time,  for the first minute or so. 

    • Beanolini says:

      Organists do this all the time (playing on two keyboards at once)

      And they play with their feet at the same time. I have a suspicion that organists are, in fact, a separate species.

      • ocker3 says:

         I was blown away by the guy who could write different texts with both hands at the same time

  6. imag says:

    A big anti-meh from me.  Bach is stunning, epic genius.  This is a wonderful celebration of that genius by someone who appears to be quite gifted in his own right.  Rock on.

  7. vonbobo says:

    Scarf, different shoes, different socks… the eccentric showmanship is overdone for me.

    But don’t listen to me…  go on with your talented self and rock!!! 

  8. Cowicide says:

    the Evan Shinners link is broken it should be: http://www.evanshinners.com

  9. anansi133 says:

    Christ, what a smartass!

  10. avraamov says:

    This and the ‘Skull Brain’ picture from a later post seem intimately related.

    Reich’s ‘Piano Phase’ is occasionally performed like this:


  11. Aos Crowley says:

    Interesting, but the pianos are tuned poorly. I don’t mean non-equal temperament, but simply out of tune. Perhaps it was the video compression that caused a phase mismatch?

    • ocker3 says:

       yeah, I think the technical setup failed to be of the same standard as the musical ability

  12. urpBurp says:

    I wanted to enjoy it, but I just couldn’t get past the O-Faces he was making.

  13. Simply speculation, but perhaps the keyboardist isn’t aware of some harpsichords being fitted with pedal accessories? J.S. Bach was certainly a collector of many fine instruments, dying with 15 cembalos to his name. I doubt strongly that a man who practiced and spoke often in his letters about posture would allow himself to play two keyboards adjacent to one another (he was never an attention seeking performer like Mozart). –> exempli gratia: http://youtu.be/DI0xuYYHQNc

  14. Marian Maw says:

     I love this but can’t help thinking of Mr Bean somehow…….

  15. Is he wearing the Stars and Stripes around his neck?  Nothing else matters.  He could BE JS Bach, and I would shut him off.