Bradley Manning military trial updates: live-blogs, who to follow on Twitter, and analysis


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  1. euansmith says:

    Are there any pictures of how Bradley Manning looks after years on “Suicide Watch”?

  2. Cowicide says:

    Wow, this is a very extensive post.  Thank you, Xeni!

  3. rtb61 says:

    Aiding the enemy. Hiding the failures of the US military because public awareness of those failures will harm the war effort ie preserving the lie that hiding incompetence and negligence will ensure the war progresses more effectively
    This versus the truth that effective public prosecution of all and I repeat “ALL” failures through incompetence and negligence is by far the most effective way of demonstrating the effectiveness justice and the application of law and the benefit of law.
    The US government is attempting to argue that hiding the repeated failures of the US military, as a result of incompetence and negligence, aided the effort of conducting of that war and any attempt to disclose the truth of what was actually happening would aid the enemy.
    What the were really doing was protecting each other and hiding criminal activities to prevent prosecution for those crimes with the claim the truth would aid the enemy
    Everyone knows there is no better demonstration of law and justice than the effective prosecution of your own when they commit crimes and that is how you prove justice works.
    You do not kill random suspects from afar and ignore the innocent victims who get in the way, you do not hide your own criminal failures, you adhere to the law and you strive to prove to the public that it works.

  4. Bradley Manning is a hero, and the way he’s being treated shows what may happen to people who are willing to risk all to make a difference in our day and age. He deserves a medal of honour, not incarceration. May many follow in his footsteps.

  5. Wiki-Truths says:


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