Floating alt-comedy festival on a cruise ship sounds pretty cool

Boing Boing pal Jesse Thorn points us to a fun-sounding comedy/alt-culture cruise: The Atlantic Ocean Comedy & Music Festival, presented by MaximumFun.org, Splitsider and KCRW. Best url ever: boatparty.biz. Talent includes: Maria Bamford, Kurt Braunohler, John Darnielle, Dan Deacon, John Hodgman, Hari Kondabolu, Josie Long, Al Madrigal, Marc Maron, Nellie McKay, Eugene Mirman, Jasper Redd, John Roderick, Kristen Schaal, and Nick Thune.


  1. “Either you stay here with the improv-comedy, or you can take your chances with the sharks!”


  2. Of course I’d rather listen to his amazing music, but I just realized… I’d totally pay money just to listen to John Darnielle talking for a couple hours.

    1. Then there you are on your stricken ship, clutching your poop-bag, thinking things can’t get any worse…

      Until you hear the dreaded cry… “pillow fight!”

    1. I’ve done the Jonathan Coulton version of this, and it’s pretty great. John Hodgman wrote about it in a chapter titled “A Totally Fun Thing That I Would Do Again As Soon As Possible” in his most recent book, That is All.

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