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13 Responses to “Johnny Marr and Ronnie Wood perform "How Soon Is Now?" last night”

  1. Chris Ingram says:

    Hell yes, no one has had a bigger impact on my musical psyche than Johnny Marr..  I’m oscillating wildly right now..

  2. jrmedd says:

    Sigh. Yet another gig-goer who couldn’t just embrace the moment and felt the need to watch via their phone’s screen.

  3. C W says:

    I’m still tempted to buy http://www.strymon.net/products/flint/ so I can play that song.

    • David Pescovitz says:

      Wow, I always kinda wondered how he got that sound. For me, Marr really was the heart of The Smiths (ducks the flying gladiolas).

      • linusolas says:

         Flange pedals and an awesome Rickenbacker 330. I was never a huge Smiths fan but “HSIN” will live with me forever as it brings back some sweet memories.

  4. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    Johnny and Ronnie! What a treat.

  5. Some of Marr’s best work, imo, was on The The’s brilliant Mind Bomb album:

  6. Aaron Swain says:

    Wow! I got goosebumps…

  7. Jack Feerick says:

    For me, it’s the fact that here is one of the ROLLING FREAKIN’ STONES — somebody who has earned the right to rest on his own laurels and to not give a damn about the music of a (relatively) younger generation — is up there pouring all his guts into those riffs. That bespeaks (a) a deep love of music in all its forms, and (b), a certain generosity of spirit.

    So yeah, hurray for Ronnie Wood.

    Also: for someone who’s not really a singer, Marr acquits himself pretty well here. It’s just a pity about his third-Gallagher-brother haircut.

  8. Cornan says:

    Marr also did an AMA today on Reddit that was pretty cool.

    For some reason it seems to have been taken down. Not sure what happened there as I was at work.

  9. skabob says:

    Marr’s the one who’s a “fat old slag”, right?

  10. Ernst Gruengast says:

    There was a time when Johnnie Marr could set up his pedals to play the whole guitar landscape of  “How Soon is Now” by himself with the Smiths – saw him do it half a dozen times – but then he didn’t have to sing. Seeing someone like Johnny Marr strumming so dispassionately is painful to watch. Couldn’t sit through to the end, sorry.

    As for the “singing” – cripes Morrissey’s fillings must be hurting right now – I know mine did.

    And Ronnie Wood….as superfluous as ever.

    That was just so sad. Please don’t post such tragic things here on BB – it’s ruined my day. Heaven knows I’m miserable now.