Johnny Marr and Ronnie Wood perform "How Soon Is Now?" last night

NewImageAt last night's NME Awards in London, The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood performed The Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?" Marr won the "Godlike Genius" award. (The NME has higher-quality but non-embeddable video here.) Marr's solo album "The Messenger" is out this week and he's doing a Reddit AmA today.


  1. Hell yes, no one has had a bigger impact on my musical psyche than Johnny Marr..  I’m oscillating wildly right now..

    1. Wow, I always kinda wondered how he got that sound. For me, Marr really was the heart of The Smiths (ducks the flying gladiolas).

      1.  Flange pedals and an awesome Rickenbacker 330. I was never a huge Smiths fan but “HSIN” will live with me forever as it brings back some sweet memories.

  2. For me, it’s the fact that here is one of the ROLLING FREAKIN’ STONES — somebody who has earned the right to rest on his own laurels and to not give a damn about the music of a (relatively) younger generation — is up there pouring all his guts into those riffs. That bespeaks (a) a deep love of music in all its forms, and (b), a certain generosity of spirit.

    So yeah, hurray for Ronnie Wood.

    Also: for someone who’s not really a singer, Marr acquits himself pretty well here. It’s just a pity about his third-Gallagher-brother haircut.

  3. Marr also did an AMA today on Reddit that was pretty cool.

    For some reason it seems to have been taken down. Not sure what happened there as I was at work.

  4. There was a time when Johnnie Marr could set up his pedals to play the whole guitar landscape of  “How Soon is Now” by himself with the Smiths – saw him do it half a dozen times – but then he didn’t have to sing. Seeing someone like Johnny Marr strumming so dispassionately is painful to watch. Couldn’t sit through to the end, sorry.

    As for the “singing” – cripes Morrissey’s fillings must be hurting right now – I know mine did.

    And Ronnie Wood….as superfluous as ever.

    That was just so sad. Please don’t post such tragic things here on BB – it’s ruined my day. Heaven knows I’m miserable now.

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