Mouthstick: mouth-held touchscreen stylus


Griffin Technology, makers of a slew of iPhone accessories and other gear, just announced the Mouthstick, a capacitive touchscreen stylus for people who can't use their hands. It's $29.99.


  1. this being perfect for disabled folks makes it immune to all internet ridicule up to the point where people with working arms start using them in coffee shops so they can blog on their laptop while texting on their phone at the same time

  2. I bet there are at least a few smooth operators out there with the oral prowess to manage the multitouch functions.

  3. A 2 pack of capicitive stylus pens can be found on the internet for $3. Sounds like a job for (abled) makers to lend a hand! 

  4. It is all fun and games until you are the person who can;t comment on blog posts cos because you are a very intelligent person who can’t use their hands. Hurrah for the fact that Boing Boing mentions what some of their readers need just to consume their blog. Good solutions like this mean that you could be talking to anyone when you post here.

  5. Meh, my wife is a manager at an out patient office that deals with many paralyzed patients and laughed at this product.

    “Oh, ha ha, we have way better products then that!” 
    From facial implants that operate the Ipad, with  right side neck tilt/left hand neck tilt for mouse buttons.

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