My books on a Tor hidden service

Part of the plot in Homeland revolves around "hidden services" on the Tor network. Now, a fan of mine in Norway called Tor Inge Røttum has set up a hidden service and stashed copies of all my books there. He writes:

A hidden service in Tor is a server, it can be any server, a web server, chat server, etc. A hidden service can only be accessed through Tor. When accessing a hidden service you don't need an exit node, which means that they are more secure than accessing the "clearnet" or the normal Internet (if you want). Because then the exit nodes can't snoop up what you are browsing. Hidden services are hard to locate as most of them aren't even connected to the clearnet.

I don't have any servers or computers that I can run 24/7 to host a hidden service, but fortunately there is a free webhost that is hosting websites on Tor:

After creating the domain I wrote a dirty bash script to download most of Cory's books and create a HTML file linking to them. It's available on pastebin:

How cool is that?


      1. I wish Bitcoins were called Whuffie. Then you could call it “making Whuffie” when you mine them.

  1. I really wish you hadn’t used the same name as that bloody HBO series, their DMCA bots are giving me fits trying to keep direct download copies live.

    still, doing my damnest to make sure everyone i know reads the thing.

  2. Were you going to post the URI of the actual “.onion” page hosting your books? :-)

  3. What format are they in? Can we be sure that they don’t contain macros that will “phone home” and reveal our identities?  (Only very slightly paranoid.)

  4. I don’t understand. Since you don’t believe in copyright, why do they need to be on a hidden network? Why don’t you just post them yourself?

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