Scar makeup tutorial video


3 Responses to “Scar makeup tutorial video”

  1. Brainspore says:

    Anyone with access to a decent Maker workspace should be able to get the real thing without too much trouble.

  2. Ding Dong says:

    I have found that the best time to practice your scar/wound/zombie makeup is in the off-season.  Get all fake bloody, grossed up, and head out to the gas station, supermarket, and/or pharmacy.  Go shopping for Hello Kitty band-aids or something.  Guaranteed results. Have someone trail behind with a camera to document peoples’ reactions.  FUN!

  3. citizen says:

    That eyeball mouth lady Cory linked to earlier had a nice gaping wound tutorial on her blog too. A bit more spectacular looking, but not as verbose on the explanation:

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