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8 Responses to “Silicon Valley's success squeezes California's immigrant farmers”

  1. esme says:

    oh no, the value of their farmland doubled in 15 years.  whatever shall they do?

  2. Robinalabama says:

    The land that does get sold ends up as housing tracts. Less available land to farm close to where it is needed most.

    • sdmikev says:

      We never learn.
      Our most valuable asset in our great state – the land – is sometimes treated with such a disregard it’s really sad.

  3. fredges says:

    My grandparents came here from Europe and worked just as hard. My heart goes out to all farmers in America. They are an endangered species.

  4. gjbloom says:

    If California would legalize cannabis, these farmers would have a potentially much more lucrative crop to farm.

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