OS X Lion-O


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  1. Paul Coleman says:


  2. Baldhead says:

    Not sure Lion- O helps. Am I really the only one whose only impression of Thundrcats was “wow this sucks”?

  3. Roose_Bolton says:

    Ceiling Cat?

    • Cornan says:

      OSX Ceiling Cat would track all of your porn cookies and send them back to Apple to be audited. Who wants that?

  4. KWillets says:

    OS X Hello Kitty

  5. Felton / Moderator says:

    Big cats aren’t the only cats.  I’m still hoping for Mac OS X Ocelot.

  6. Tchoutoye says:

    My OS is more like Garfield than any big cat, neutered and bloated.

  7. Bradley Robinson says:

    OhSeX Cougar?

  8. toobigtofail says:

    OSX Maru

  9. KeithIrwin says:

    I’ve been suggesting the same thing for a while, that after cats, it would be time to go to Thunder Cats.  I tried to do a mock-up of OS X 10.15 Snarf last year, but I couldn’t find any pictures of Snarf which were high enough resolution to use for the fur pattern on the disc and I gave up.

  10. orwell says:


  11. Manel says:

    Haha!  I was just thinking of this inevitable cat-naming problem a few minutes ago as I was updating my OS on my antiquated MacBook! 

  12. Manel says:

    Mac OS X Nyan Cat!

  13. Jack Wangelin says:

    Sadly, and user interface-wise it seems Mac OSs are approaching house cat… but think about how pokemon solved their naming problem… OS X Meowth then OS X Persian OS Purugly… just make shit up. Next up: OS X Fire Lion, then liger, then Ice Liger, then OS X Shadowcat, then emerald cat, ruby cat, red, yellow and green cat, silver, diamond, the rest…

    Damn, i should start getting the trademarks on this shit
    OR they could just use other species, problem solved

  14. Colin Curry says:

    OS X Smilodon?

  15. Cajun Exile says:

    OS X “Stalking Cat”. The rights to the name should be easy to get since suicide of Daniel Avner.

  16. Editz says:

    Steve Jobs, the Ever-living!

  17. Cowicide says:


  18. Wreckrob8 says:

    Mac OS X Kitten Kong.

  19. LinkMan says:

    OS X Lynx, the text-only alternative to Aqua.

  20. LuisF_Mejia says:

    How about “Pussy Galore”? 

  21. yadayada says:


  22. gellfex says:

    OS-X Kzinti?

  23. technogeekagain says:

    If they offered OS X Sha’um I might finally think about trying it. But only if I could get a legitimate license to run it on a hackintosh.vm.

  24. Andrew Lim says:

    What’s cooler than a mountain lion? Two mountain lions. Hence, OS X 10.9 Two Mountain Lions. 

  25. KP says:

    I always thought the best name would by OS Xi. The “Xi” would be the Greek letter Xi, so the OS would be pronounced “Oh Ess Zigh” or less correctly, “Oh Ess Key” or “Oh Ess Sky.” Typographically, it would be could be written as OS Xi (suggesting a Roman 11, successor to 10), OS Ξ (with the Greek letter Xi), or OS 三 (with the Chinese character for “san” meaning three, suggesting the third incarnation of Apple’s operating system). Code names for different versions would be something besides cats.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      That does remind me that while OS 9 lasted for all of three years, we’ve been dealing with the various OS X cats for over a decade now.  Will they ever bother with giving folks an eleven?  I mean, faster than Chrysler took between the 300L (1965) and the 300M (1999)?

  26. Iloh says:

    Is there anything cooler than your own cat? How about OS X HouseCat or OS X Tabby? I like the LOLCat idea too. 

  27. dorkhero says:

    Don’t care. Apple lost me when they discontinued Rosetta and killed legacy software. I’m still limping along with a 6 year old MacBook and Snow Leopard. When it’s time to upgrade it will be to another OS, as I will have to get all new software regardless of what I buy.

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