Retro City Rampage ported to Nintendo Entertainment System

Retro City Rampage, an oldschool-inspired game full of 21st century swagger and depth, has nonetheless been ported back to the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. Kyle Orland:

The final ROM City Rampage is definitely missing a few key features, but it ends up looking surprisingly faithful to last year's release despite being fully compatible with hardware first released in 1985. Don't take our word for it, though; the ROM City Rampage prototype will be available to play through Retro City Rampage's in-game arcade on both the Wii version (which launches today) and the Steam version (which should get a free update sometime today).


  1. Many of the things he “developed” were common in the ’80s (high level assembler macro languages, includes, etc).  The one tool that wasn’t as readily available was modern computing to reduce and compress sprites or the graphics packages to make the world building as easy (they existed but were in a much more primitive state).

    1. He *did* develop them – no quotes needed. The code is all his. He didn’t say he invented the idea, which is what you seem to be implying…

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