Sinkhole swallows 36-year-old man in Florida

A Florida man is presumed dead after a sinkhole 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep opened up beneath his bedroom, at 11:00pm local time last night. Video here.


    1. Well, you know, as much fun as I’d normally have blaming the Shoggoths or the sandworms for this sort of thing (especially since the sinkhole appears to be confined to this poor fellow’s house, the narrative would seem to demand that this was Something Personal), it really should serve as a reminder to live every day as if it were going to be one’s last.  Be excellent to each other, for no matter how saintly or dreadful you may be, the ground might go ahead and swallow you up on any given evening.  Whether you’re caught up on Downton Abbey or not.

      Ladies and gents, better get yer shit together.

  1. 11 pm!?  I thought they weren’t supposed to repossess you until Midnight.  Or is there an hour disconnect due to different Daylight Savings Time regimes?

  2. The sinkhole declared its innocence, citing Florida’s 2005 “Stand your Ground” law.

  3. As a resident of Switzerland, I take umbrage at the newcasters explaining that this is the fault of swiss-cheese karst. Swiss cheese has never, to my knowledge, swallowed up a man. It might leave an awful stench in your house after a rowdy fondue party, but it’s never killed a man That’s just friggin’ heartless.

  4. man, you think YOUR day is bad. at least the earth isn’t opening up and swallowing you. O.o

    1. I reckon scores of people suffer this affliction.  Metaphorically speaking, that is.

  5. “Bracken Engineering has condemned the house”oh yeah? 

    Later today, the Florida Ground Survey crew is expected to officially declare the sudden loss of dirt a sinkhole.

  6. Actually it is thought by some that the sink holes are exacerbated by the use of huge amounts of water by the strawberry industry.  During “cold” spells in Florida, fields are flooded with water to form an ice shield around each berry.  Subsequent berries are able to be sold, but tend to be water-logged and less tasty.  Then, as the underground aquifer is depleted sinkholes form in adjacent areas.  This house happens to be within an hour or so’s drive of the main winter strawberry growing areas. 

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