Armory Arts Week Edition Featured Artist: Amy Crehore

Our friend Amy Crehore is ArtSlant's Armory Arts Week Edition Featured Artist! She says:
Armory Week is important to me because it is the 100th Anniversary of the 1913 Armory Show in NYC. That particular show opened American eyes to a "Modern Art" movement that was happening in Europe at the time. Organized by the Association of American Painters and Sculptors, it also travelled to Chicago and Boston. ArtSlant did a special feature on me to help me celebrate and I could not be more thrilled. Check it out!

ArtSlant: Amy Crehore


  1. Amy is a wonderful artist and I love the playfulness of her work.

    Bt t vn qt t wth th mnd blwng ffcts of pcs lke “Nd Dscndng Strcs” n 1913 s s slly s t b bsrd.

    The lovely ms. Crehore deserves the attention she gets.

    (self disemvowelment, or sevvuku if you will)

  2. Playfully drawing nude teenagers…I guess exploiting women doesn’t get as much attention anymore.  If that young gal had clothing on, would it appear on Boing Boing?  Ohhh, but I’m such a prude, that’s just supposed to be cute!  Yah, right.  Just keep staring…

    1. You know that most of the museums in the world are full of representations of naked youth?

  3. Yeah, I too am wondering why they opted to feature this artist.  

    When does it become inappropriate to post “art” of naked girls?

    1. Yeah, I too am wondering why they opted to feature this artist.

      Do you mean ArtSlant or Boing Boing?  Amy Crehore is a friend of BB, and has been featured here many times.

      1. I scrolled through Amy’s portfolio and can see that yes, she is a very gifted artist. And there are a number of paintings that are very sweet and wistful.     
        But I’m curious, if these were the works of a 40/50-something year old man who specialized in painting pictures of naked teenage girls lounging around, or of girls with their bathing suits sort of slipping off, would people still think it okay because it’s “art”?           

  4. Well, I love these. They are innocent and free and the turtle is cute. Jeez, people. Stop being creepy.

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