Pixel Monster Generator

Pixelated Cowboy says: "I’ve put together a simple random monster generator! Two actually. A single colour version here and a three colour mix version here. I thought it could be fun for people to try draw what they ended up with! If you do you should tag it with pixelatedcowboy so I can see :O"

(Via Brian Upton at G+BB)


  1. I think their random number generator is stuck. The image Gabriel posted was also the first one I saw. (And when I loaded again, there it was.)

    Happily, I liked and saved that icon thanks to Gabriel!

  2. haha this is pixelated cowboy! I probably should have mentioned you have to click to get it to generate a new monster. anyway it’s fun to see so many people using this! one day I’ll have to make a better one.

  3. I like this and also the idea to let people draw what they see in the generated images.
    So sorry: I accidentally clicked “Flag SWF”.

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