Same couple pose as 9 different fashion-followers

Nacho Rojo is is photographer in Madrid, Spain. In this series, Rojo photographed the same two models posing as nine different fashion-following couples.

(Via 22 words)


  1. The preppy neon pastel popped collar one killed me. 

    I also appreciate the attention to detail of putting a huge cold sore on the grunge look. 

      1. More than anything I’m impressed by how much the guy looks like a real life version of Murdoc from The Gorillaz.

  2. I think I have dressed in *almost* every single one of these styles… and a few more. I love it, very funny, but I think the preppy look was a stretch for the woman to pull off.

  3. I love that the Rockabilly one has a Volvo on the guy’s shirt.  That’s some next level ironic shit right there.

    I was going to say that it was proof that good looking people look good wearing almost anything, but the “LMFAO look” photo is proof of the opposite.  (Padma Lakshmi | Jude Law) [or insert good looking person in your book] would look like a skank wearing that crap.

    1.  I can’t see in what way facial hair is *not* fashion. How many waxed mustaches have you seen today?

    2. I live in Southern California. Having your birth nose is an act of rebellion.

        1. I have a deviated septum from the (first) nose job.

          I know a 60 year-old woman who does life coaching/ self-empowerment counseling who told all her clients that she was flying to SF for three weeks to have a deviated septum repaired and came back looking like a bowling ball. Apparently, the truth isn’t very empowering.

  4. Finally a demonstration of what a ‘hipster’ truly is.. someone who follows fashions and trends simply because they are fashions and trends. I particularly like the Mod photo – still hipsters even though they dress the best out of anyone.

    1. I think I’m going to start doing shots every time some one on this blog complains about hipsters.

  5. It’s really good work, amazing attention to detail.

    But I gotta say while the male model is excellent in getting his expressions to match the style, the female just has the same frozen expression in ALL the shots. WTH.

    She could have at least thrown up a “V” sign and actually maybe SMILE in the Hello Kitty one. That was so obvious to do.

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