Slinkachu's "War Child" photos

Play Fighting 1

More "tiny people" installation photos by Slinkachu, whose work is compiled in several books including the recent Global Model Village. The pieces featured above and below were commissions for "20 Years of War Child," an exhibition at the British Music Experience museum running until March 28.

Hop Skip and Jump 1

Hide and Seek 1


  1. Must not let my younger daughter see this or else a whole bunch of live snails are going to have turrets crazy glued to them.

  2. “On 12 May 1940 Guderian circumvented Kleist’s halt order by conducting a reconnaissance in force with the new Panzersnaillen.  By late 1944, he had taken Reims; by 1956 his forces directly threatened Paris itself.”  

    1. “The resistance was called up from the farms and dairies all across southern France that spring. Training secretly at night with their two tines pitchforks and “butter kettle” tanks, the rural men became an elite force under the command of three star general Édouard Michelin. Late that same summer the 1st Light Escargot Regiment was put into action striking north from Troyes in what is known as the Butter Battle of Bar-sur-Aube (not to be confused with the Butter Battle, see the Book). With B-25 Mitchell bombers modified to drop boiling water, the Germans were easy to pry out of their shells. A lone woman was responsible for the slaying, preparing and serving 3 Panzersnaillen alone. She was later to bring her prowess back to American shores.  Mrs Julia Child’s heroism and great taste are celebrated to this day by the carving of Butter Busts at state fairs across the nation

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