Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Beastie Boys

By Ed Piskor at 7:00 am Tue, Mar 5, 2013

Read the rest of the Hip Hop Family Tree comics!

Read the rest of the Hip Hop Family Tree comics!

Published 7:00 am Tue, Mar 5, 2013

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7 Responses to “Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Beastie Boys”

  1. mypalmike says:

    Loving Kate’s drumming here.

  2. Nash Rambler says:

    Don’t they look just great in that early video?

  3. noah django says:

    I like the stage-dive panel.

    I think it’s “Cunniff” with a C, though.  yep:
    Looks like the Beasties probably spelled it wrong in their lyric sheet since every online lyric search spells it K single-N.  In which case, the way you have it is more correct as a direct quote from your subject.  Or possibly she spelled it that way back then as a punk version?

  4. CliffordS says:

    I bought the Polly Wog Stew ep from Dave Parsons when he used to sell records at CBGBs out of a shopping cart during the hardcore matinees.  He was also the first guy in New York who was selling skateboard stuff too.  Dave skipped out of town after owing a lot of money to a lot of people like the guys from Agnostic Front. It was a shame because Rat Cage was a familiar hang out for a lot of kids in the early NYHC scene.

  5. Jim Smith says:

    Rollins info is incorrect, Henry got picked up by BF after a BF show and a Circle Jerks show  at Pep lounge and Irving Plaza respectively; both bands met up at A7 for a Jam session/afterparty, Henry and others sang their fave songs w/the band, Henry sang “Screaming Fist” and got the green light after that…

    DJ Mojo

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