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29 Responses to “Buckner & Garcia's "Pac-Man Fever" (1982)”

  1. TheKaz1969 says:

    gee, yeah, at the time, everyone was going nuts over the game of Pacman, but I can’t figure out where they came up with the idea, either, Mr. Clark…

    that being said, I listened to this 45 over and over again as a kid. When I wasn’t listening to Convoy, or Billy Crystal’s “You Look Mahvelous”

  2. anon0mouse says:

    Don’t need the reissue.  I have a copy of the original…worth 40 bucks, eh? EXCELLENT!

  3. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Dr Demento flashback

    • Christopher says:

      There are those who criticize Dr. Demento, but I feel I owe him for so much: National Lampoon’s “Deteriorata”, Camper Van Beethoven’s “Take The Skinheads Bowling”, Allan Lieberman’s “Thank God I’m A Jewish Boy”, Larry Groce’s “Junk Food Junkie”…

      I also appreciate him filling in some of the background information on Barnes & Barnes’s “Fish Heads”, although I’d already been introduced to it a few years earlier, thanks to Nickelodeon’s “Turkey TV”.

  4. Jorpho says:

    And let’s not forget the tragically neglected “Mouse Trap”.  Wikipedia reports that when they rerecorded the album in 1999, they were unable to find a machine and used sounds from nature, instead.  Oddly, while Exidy’s founder generously released many of its old ROMs for non-commercial use with the MAME emulator a few years ago, Mouse Trap was not among them.

  5. franko says:

    OOF. here’s a track i was happier forgetting.

  6. I found that and ripped it a while back and spun it in a Turntable FM 80s room.  The result was… gratifying.  Not quite as good as Paco – Puttin on the Ritz.

  7. Ric Johnson says:

    Um, David? The Dick Clark Show? Try “American Bandstand” Thus the giant “AB” on the back wall…

  8. emg72 says:

    Was just thinking of this song, as the kids and I watched Wreck-It-Ralph, and if you wait through the credits, there’s a “Wreck It Ralph” theme song that sounded vaguely familiar. My 12-year-old, being 12, said “that’s cheezy”, and I said, “Well, I’m pretty sure it’s just a parody of Pac-Man Fever, which was a song when I was a kid…”

    One little Google later, and lo and behold, “Wreck It Ralph” was written and sung by Buckner/Garcia!

    Genius move. For a film already packed with videogame refs, that one’s the pixelated cherry on top. 

  9. dhparlee says:

    I had no idea that Steve Wozniak also had a music career.  Also, his lip syncing and fake guitar playing suck.

  10. i see your pac man fever and raise you one “space invaders” by uncle vic: http://youtu.be/kgtbcWAO_Cg

  11. kringlebertfistyebuns says:

    Heads up – when sharing on Facebook, the headline comes up as just “Buckner and Garcia’s.”  Dunno if that’s something you have control over.  Just a small oddity.

  12. Dave Pease says:

    $40?  Holy smokes, add my record collection to stuff I wish I still had from when I was a kid.

  13. fredges says:

    Dr. Demento still rules. I thought this was Barnes & Barnes, now I know it was Buckner & Garcia. Thanks!

  14. echolocate chocolate says:

    Speaking of Pac-Man, a decade later, Aphex Twin made an early rave track under the pseudonym Power Pill. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnURWFxwmk0

  15. dculberson says:

    Did anyone else notice that neither of the keyboards are plugged in?

  16. This record is UNLISTENABLE. If you pay more than $10 novelty value for the LP you are really wasting money. There is a more novel 45 rpm single for Pac-Man Fever on square vinyl. This is generally worth more as it is really cool to display. There are a few of them for sale at Caveman Vintage in Chinatown in LA. Seriously, the music of Buckner & Garcia is about as bad as you can get.  It’s my childhood, I was a huge Dementoid and still love novelty music, and synths, and odd things. On this record, they just don’t get it.

  17. Mister44 says:

    I’ve listened to hours of Dr Demento as a youngster and this is the first time I’ve heard this song.

  18. IronEdithKidd says:

    Just reading the headline was enough to plant this song firmly in my head.  I don’t think I’ve heard it since I was 9.  It was all over the place in 1982, regular radio play, not just Dr. Demento (that came later).  I was also just hit with a flood of memories of being a young girl in that era.  Good stuff.