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27 Responses to “DRM Chair”

  1. Felix Tang says:

    http://wearcam.org/seatsale/ – way back in the day, DRM chair.

  2. Rhyolite says:

    Don’t give them any ideas…

  3. Mike Robinson says:

    On the plus side, with 3D printing I can now just download a new one.

  4. nathanroberts says:

    Pretty redundant, innit? Consumer products these days are so shoddily made they fall apart after about 5 uses anyway.

  5. rocketpj says:

    Originally created by Ikea for a wide variety of furniture. Build it, move it once and it starts leaning/falling apart. The second move is to the dump.

  6. Gerald Mander says:

    You can only sit in the DRM chair if you are in the Kindle house.

  7. Finnagain says:

    Good, but there should be more explosions and shrapnel. And then the user should be sued.

    • Mike Robinson says:

      The chair should also have a webcam to report back your sitting habits

      • for_SCIENCE says:

        And the back should have an e-ink panel to advertise other sitting implements you might be interested in based on your past sitting.

    • Scratcheee says:

      I just realized that “sued” is an anagram of “used.”  

      OK, my work here is done.

  8. Keith Tyler says:

    This is right up there with my Natural Rights Management Refrigerator.

  9. Glad to see brilliant minds hard at work on conversation pieces.

  10. Andrew Reid says:

    Presumably this will lead to the immediate revitalization of the domestic furniture-manufacturing industry, and it will soon be as vital and innovative as the recorded-music and movie industries.

    • PhosPhorious says:

      Are you kidding?  When you can lend this chair to up to 8 friends? They need to make a model that can only be sat in by the purchaser. 

      Otherwise you are STEALING from the guy who designed the chair. 


      • Finnagain says:

         It’s only legal if all eight friends use the chair at the same time, in the presence of the rightful owner.

  11. arcduke says:

    The EULA Hotel in San Francisco is full of this furniture

  12. liz says:

    This is art. Good job. Makes a statement about current cultural issue, easy to understand, creative.

  13. ppival says:

    Why, it’s just like the Pig and the Box!

  14. schadenfreudisch says:

    look at those outfits.  french students get me every time.

  15. oasisob1 says:

    Can someone do voiceover of this video commenting on the various fashions? I’m interested in the clothing. All different, yet somehow the same.

  16. Emo Pinata says:

    Is it just me, or are they sitting down in a really awkward fashion?

  17. Now to find a way to use this for evil.