Humans yelling like goats yelling like humans

Full circle, guys: first there were goats yelling like humans, then there were more goats yelling like humans, now there are humans yelling like goats. Created by Olde Payphone, a sketch comedy group from Los Angeles. (Thanks, Antinous)


  1. first there were goats yelling like humans…

    It’s safe to assume that goats were yelling like that long before humans existed.

    1. Well, if you really want to get constructionist, there weren’t goats or yelling or safety or assumption or existence before humans, considering those are all simply ways that we as humans interpret these things.

    2. Witness humans attempting to mimic the sounds made by goats, which the humans perceive to sound like humans.

      way better title

  2. Translation:  Whassup?

    It’s really a commercial for Anheuser Bush which now includes goat’s milk in its product line.

  3. This is the first thing that came to my mind.

    1. If you take the time to adjust the volume(s) that really works surprisingly well. Both thumbs up!

  4. I really enjoy this goat-human hybrid yelling- thing a lot more than I should.  Also, these videos make my coworkers uncomfortable.  To them, I say:  Urrruguruahahahahhgh.  Urrruguruahahahahhgh. 

  5. How do we know these aren’t goats yelling like humans that are just overdubbed on a video of humans pretending to be yelling like goats yelling like humans?

  6. Oh Xeni, Youre the best, outta nowhere revealing the true meaning of the Interwebs!

    … just too good to be true…..

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