Make a 3D printed Makie doll on your tablet!

MakieLab, the 3D-printed toy company my wife Alice founded, has just shipped its first tablet-based doll-builder: the Makies Doll Factory!

We think designing Makies with fingers feels really cool, like proper making. And, we've revamped the pricing for real-life Makies, so you can order only the hair, accessories and clothes you want with your doll - which makes most Makies a bit cheaper too! App users get this first (we re-jigged the shop along with the app, to make this possible), and we'll be rolling it out to later this week.



  1. Will I get banned for saying these look like creepy Xbox Live Avatar homunculi? Because I’m sorry, Cory and Alice, but they kinda do…

    1. They’re still fun, but yes, also still very creepy.

      I hope they’re selling like hotcakes though, even though Alice (who is a charming human being) didn’t commission my project when she worked at C4 *glares menacingly*

  2. I’m glad the models have a range of skin tones and detailed eyes. The white ones with black opal eyes had an unfortunate Village of the Damned vibe.

  3. Are they sturdy enough for a small child (5 yr old girl who wants a doll who looks like her… but nobody makes one like that)? Or are these more “toys for adults” than baby dolls?

  4. Please pass along to Alice the thing that keeps me from ordering one: FACIAL HAIR.  Everybody I know that I’d love to present a figure of themselves to has a beard and/or moustache.

        1. Although they’re not called PCs. But for no better reason than you could choose to not call an android tablet a tablet. Which was kind of my point.

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