Transcript of Lessig's talk: "Aaron's Law"


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  1. Jim Saul says:

    Question – at 32:30 the camera shifts to an audience member. Who is that?

    I ask only because it’s out of tune with the rest of the way the talk is filmed, so I think I’m missing an important context. Is that someone who was key to the fight against COICA, someone involved in writing it, or merely a bemused faculty member at Harvard Law?

    edit – nevermind… later there are a few more “crowd reaction” shots, so I inferred meaning without grounding.

    Really excellent talk. Informative, with the heartbreak of the events hovering in the background but not obscuring the details of the work Aaron was doing, its meaning, and the comparison of his treatment to the legal impact suffered by other civil disobedients.

  2. spacedoggy says:

    FYI it’s Harvard Law Prof. Terry Fisher.
    (running copyright course on EDx) mentioned on BB a couple of days back…

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