Antique chili powder tin with terrifically devilish illustration


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  1. Christopher says:

    Sadly at this point I suspect the chili powder has lost a lot of its potency, although I do love the design.

    Just a few blocks away from where I work there used to be a store that sold hot foods of all types, mainly sauces with threatening names (Fire Breather Sauce, Hotter Than Hell Sauce, Flames Will Shoot Out Your Asshole And Set Your Pants On Fire Sauce, etc.), but also mixes, canned chili, and various kinds of dried peppers.

    It burned down.

    • Dlo Burns says:

      Before the fire my mom had spices from before I was born. There was a very large thing of spicy chili someone gave her that she’d never use which eventually tasted like saw dust.

      • Beanolini says:

        I was given an enormous jar of chilli powder when I was a student, about (deep breath) 20 years ago. I still have a sizeable amount left, and it does retain some spice and flavour- I use about three times as much as I would have done when it was fresh.

  2. timquinn says:

    Mexene sounds like the scientific name for the pure distilled essence of Mexican food.

  3. Lisa Jones says:

    Walker’s Austex Chili Company here in Austin, TX was also the first manufacturer of canned tamales. 

  4. Gutierrez says:;num=1;seq=1;view=1up

    Here’s a little Austex cook book to give you some recipe ideas to use that chili powder on.

  5. noah django says:

    this used to be in my mom’s kitchen.  i’m sure it was expired when she acquired it back before i was born, but i used to stare at that illo pretty frequently.  man, I haven’t seen that jar in over 20 years

  6. David Huff says:

    Mexene is a common brand name of chili powder here in Texas. It’s been around since 1906, and I have a (new) container in my spice cabinet right now…

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