Capacitive gel turns any gloves into touchscreen tappers

The Red Ferret tried out AnyGlove, a capacitive gel you can apply to your gloves or other clothing -- once coated, your cloth can be used to operate a touch-screen: "The simple answer is yes it [works]. And very well, although we found that you needed to apply several coats, after drying each one, in order for it to work properly. You also need to make sure you apply enough liquid to soak the fingertip area properly, and don’t forget if you want full pinch zoom multitouch, you’ll need to do a couple of tips. Heavy SMS text users should of course remember the thumb! One of the advantages of the liquid is you can reapply it if the functionality fades after a while, and you can also customize your gloves with just the fingers you need."

AnyGlove – can you really make your favorite gloves touchscreen friendly? Yep! [Review] [Red Ferret]

AnyGlove [Amazon]


  1. Cool idea, but I’m assuming you need several coats in order to be sure the chemical soaks all the way through to the inside of the glove, to give a contact line between the actual finger and the outer glove surface… what does that do to the cold- or water-repellent features of the glove? It’s not very helpful if my fingertips get frostbit…

    1. I am pretty sure that you can use a capacitive stylus while wearing nonconductive gloves. The advantage of touch screen gloves is that you can use simple pinch gestures. This gel might even allow you to use four finger gestures.
      My isotoner touch gloves only have pads on the thumbs and index fingers. They work, but they aren’t ideal.

  2. I’ve found that my oldish, but still in great shape, synthetic leather gloves work perfectly with touch systems. I don’t know if the stuff is capacitive on its own or if it is somehow been permeated with the right electrolytes or what-not from years of wear but they work.

    I sort of wanted this stuff to be self-capacitive (which I am fully aware makes very little sense, mildly electro-static maybe? what ever…) so I could use it to make a stylus of a sort that didn’t need to be made out of foam, wire and a metal tube. Any ideas on that front?

  3. Only works with gloves that allow for soaking of a chemical into the fabric… Which means it rules out all but the cheapest of gloves, which I wouldn’t wear in winter ever. So glad I just bought some touchscreen gloves when they were on sale for the same price as these are.

    Oh and if I needed to take some old gloves that I loved for some reason I would just buy a bit of conductive thread and sew little pads with it onto the fingertips. Spool of 60′ of thread = $3 which is enough for at least two pairs (1x finger 1x thumb on each glove) with some to spare.

  4. So this is antistatic (conductive) spray without the, uh, spray part.  Has anybody just tried spraying (saturating, I’d guess) gloves with anti-stat spray?  ACL’s Staticide is about a twentieth the price…

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