Dazed and Confused is 20!

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age."

Dazed and Confused is 20 years old! Esquire has a package of features tied to the anniversary. And if you're in Austin, there's a big screening, reunion, and cast party happening at the Marchesa Hall & Theatre!


  1. Didn’t that come out in late ’93, if not early ’94?  I remember it was out at the same time as Schindler’s List. (Methinks that perhaps they didn’t want to wait until the next SXSW… but that in itself would be a big occasion, 20 years after they added a film festival – and, I believe, multimedia – to SXSW.)

      1.  this pic confirms it.  http://trampt.com/images/products/000/064/502/Dazed_and_Confused_Movie_Premiere_1993-Frank_Kozik-Screenprint-trampt-64502m.jpg?1342559569
        that you both have such… concrete… memories of seeing this film is quite different than my experience.  I *do* remember that the ads in High Times had the release date on them, but didn’t say “in selected cities,” since the wide-release was months later.  On the selected-cities release date, I frantically called all the theaters in Nashville.  No dice.

        Opening night in Nashville I actually do have pretty fond memories of, but what part of the year it was ain’t one of ’em.  I mostly remember my friends, and that I fell out of the “bouncy” chair at the Belcourt Twin during the first appearance of Slater.

  2. Fun fact: More time has passed between the release of this movie and present day than the the time in which it is set and the release of the movie.

      1. I remember in 1998 when I realized that the date of my birth was closer to the bombing of Pearl Harbor than it was to the present day.  God, it about killed me.

          1. That reminds me of this show “I’ve Got a Secret” archived on Youtube from 1956.

            Still blows my mind. 

          2. The next door neighbors’ great grandmother was three years older than him, and 100 years older than me.

    1. Something that I always like to bring up to people who came of age in the 90’s:  “A baby conceived during the first playing of Nirvana’s Nevermind album would be *X age* right now”.  I’m currently waiting until late June when I plan to hold a fake “Happy 21st Birthday!” party for said imaginary baby and make all my friends feel really old.

    2. Yeah, I realized that while watching in 2010.  The movie was equidistant to 2010 and 1976…  Do I look back to 1993 with the same kind of nostalgia that the movie showed for 1976?  Not so much…

      1. Aw, come on… that movie where he orally rapes a woman with a fried chicken leg wasn’t that bad, was it?  /s

  3. and coincidentally, Matthew McConaughey has subjected the viewing public to over 20 horrible film performances since! (and counting…)

  4. That was a year of my life, represented in exquisite detail. I began high school in that year. 

    The weird thing is high school in Canada was apparently, exactly the same as high school in Texas. I now live in the UK and discovered that I have notably more in common with British people my age. There is some common culture, and it’s always changing. It doesn’t matter so much where you are from, but WHEN you are from. 

    1. I had the opposite take on it.  Maybe Texas is just backwards, but in 1976 in Massachusetts, nobody would be caught dead dressing like a hippie.  That shit had been over for several years.  I graduated in 1975, and by my senior year, everyone was dressed like extras from Saturday Night Fever.

  5. Am I the only person who didn’t love this movie? It’s well done and an all too realistic portrayal of high school. So what I got out of it was “Damn, I’m glad I’m not in high school anymore so I don’t have to put up with this shit!” Now the start of high school was rough, but I graduated with a ton of friends and some good memories. But I do NOT miss it. And this movie kind of told me why.

    1. I dunno, man.  If I were Pink, after a night like that, and then driving off into the sunrise to pick up Aerosmith tickets (probably for all of seven bucks) in Summer of ’76?

      I think I’d probably stop moping and bitching about this not being the best years of my life.

  6. Incidentally, today (March 6, 2013) is the 15 year anniversary of the USA release of “The Big Lebowski”. 

  7. Now isn’t this the time you’d like to click over to Netflix and put it in your streaming queue?  Sigh.

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