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25 Responses to “Dazed and Confused is 20!”

  1. kobrakai says:

    I keep gettin’ older and this movie stays the same age.

  2. Gyrofrog says:

    Didn’t that come out in late ’93, if not early ’94?  I remember it was out at the same time as Schindler’s List. (Methinks that perhaps they didn’t want to wait until the next SXSW… but that in itself would be a big occasion, 20 years after they added a film festival – and, I believe, multimedia – to SXSW.)

  3. Todd LaRosa says:

    Fun fact: More time has passed between the release of this movie and present day than the the time in which it is set and the release of the movie.

  4. orwell says:

    and coincidentally, Matthew McConaughey has subjected the viewing public to over 20 horrible film performances since! (and counting…)

  5. franko says:

    nothing will stop my adoration of this movie.

  6. Brad Bell says:

    That was a year of my life, represented in exquisite detail. I began high school in that year. 

    The weird thing is high school in Canada was apparently, exactly the same as high school in Texas. I now live in the UK and discovered that I have notably more in common with British people my age. There is some common culture, and it’s always changing. It doesn’t matter so much where you are from, but WHEN you are from. 

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      I had the opposite take on it.  Maybe Texas is just backwards, but in 1976 in Massachusetts, nobody would be caught dead dressing like a hippie.  That shit had been over for several years.  I graduated in 1975, and by my senior year, everyone was dressed like extras from Saturday Night Fever.

  7. Liam Murphy says:

    Am I the only person who didn’t love this movie? It’s well done and an all too realistic portrayal of high school. So what I got out of it was “Damn, I’m glad I’m not in high school anymore so I don’t have to put up with this shit!” Now the start of high school was rough, but I graduated with a ton of friends and some good memories. But I do NOT miss it. And this movie kind of told me why.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      I dunno, man.  If I were Pink, after a night like that, and then driving off into the sunrise to pick up Aerosmith tickets (probably for all of seven bucks) in Summer of ’76?

      I think I’d probably stop moping and bitching about this not being the best years of my life.

  8. waltbosz says:

    Incidentally, today (March 6, 2013) is the 15 year anniversary of the USA release of “The Big Lebowski”. 

  9. JohnOCFII says:

    Now isn’t this the time you’d like to click over to Netflix and put it in your streaming queue?  Sigh.

  10. My spotify playlist of the soundtrack; Dazed & Confused sadly “Why can’t we be friends” by War doesn’t appear to be on there anymore…