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5 Responses to “HOWTO roll a coin across your knuckles”

  1. dustindriver says:

    Finally, my impression of Chris Knight will be perfect!

  2. Scot Nery says:

    Ah, man! thanks for having us on your blog!!

    • Jamie Norwood says:

      I found the video great and I may try it, though my manual dexterity is low. But since you are here, I wonder, does your video need to be 2:28 when the actual content is closer to 1:00? That was a .lot. of padding on the end! 

  3. “Buy a tshirt on showoffshow.com to get a tshirt.”

    Those are some respectable marketing chops.

  4. There was a movie I was watching last year that had someone rolling coins across their knuckles.  I immediately grabbed a couple of Eisenhower silver dollars and gave it a go.  After a while I got ok at it.  Especially because if those coins dropped on anything but cloth they let out a god awful clatter!  The best coin I’ve found for this is a weird aluminum token with the 10 Commandments printed on it.  Nice and light but wide enough to “float” across the knuckles.