Psych-rock from Thailand

Dangerous Minds shares the incredible face-melting psychedelia of Khun Narin Phin Sing from the Phetchabun Province in Thailand. The stringed instrument is a kind of lute called a phin (พิณ). (Thanks, Patrick Kelly!)


  1. Looks like an ordination ceremony for a young man about to enter the Buddhist monastery.
    If you drank some of that “Hong Thong” whiskey sitting on the table you could play like that too.

    1. “……Buddha? A notorious metabolic junky… Makes his own you dig. In India, where they got no sense of time, The Man is often a month late…. ‘Now let me see, is that the second or the third monsoon? I got like a meet in Ketchupore about more or less.’
      “And all them junkies sitting around in the lotus posture spitting on the ground and waiting on The Man.
      “So Buddha says: ‘I don’t hafta take this sound. I’ll by God metabolize my own junk.’
      “‘Man, you can’t do that. The Revenooers will swarm all over you.’
      “‘Over me they won’t swarm. I gotta gimmick, see? I’m a fuckin Holy Man as of right now.’
      “‘Jeez, boss, what an angle.’
      “‘Now some citizens really wig when they make with the New Religion. These frantic individuals do not know how to come on. No class to them… Besides, they is subject to be lynched like who wants somebody hanging around being better’n other folks?
      “What you trying to do, Jack, give people a bad time?…”
      So we gotta play it cool, you dig, cool…. We got a take it or leave it proposition here, folks. We don’t shove any- thing up your soul, unlike certain cheap characters who shall be nameless and are nowhere. Clear the cave for action. I’m gonna metabolize a speed ball and make with the Fire Sermon.’….”

      -Naked Lunch

    1.  Yeah, and that staggered pickup was a total accident because Fender just jammed in two pickups that had originally designed for an electric mandolin. More of a J-bass guy myself. Got a Squier VMJ a few months ago and I love it.

  2. Usually, Jam Band crap just drives me nuts but this is actually really…. really… good.

    Wonder what this would sound like with some Gamelan in the mix.

  3. It isn’t psych rock, it’s a style called Morlam which is kind of like the delta blues of north/east Thailand.
    I’ve been to a few monk ordinations and Thai weddings with this kind of music going down, it’s great.
    A lot of the morlum CDs seem to be cursed with fairly glassy 80s type production values, would be great if a Thai “Steve Albini” was around making more fly on the wall type recordings.

    for example Morlam superstar Barnyen Rakkan:

    but thats a great video.. Morlam in it’s natural environment being enjoyed by the people.

  4. for those interested in more thai music, could i recommend my blog?:

    this album in particular might appeal to fans of khun narin’s stuff:

    1. that’s actually the phin player’s name; khun pho (father) rin somsak.
      the video you link to is by a different group, the phet pak nam sin band, also from phetchabun.

  5. I love psychedelic rock.  I love Thailand.  This is an awesome song.  Thank you for sharing. :)

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