Rocket engine test fire

Here's a video of a successful test of a rocket engine designed by Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin commercial space program. Eventually, this technology is supposed to provide the thrust necessary to send a manned capsule into space. For now, I just like seeing all that fire up close. (Thanks, Tim!)


  1. For now, I just like seeing all that fire up close.

    I am so using that on my next Date Night. Thanx, Maggie!

      1.  One of the Youtube links on that page takes you to — it does have some sound.  However, “sound” is a somewhat relative term here.  During a shuttle launch, people in the viewing stands (about 3 miles away) were exposed to about 120db (where 140db or so … don’t quote me, use your favourite search engine … is the threshold of pain).  Obviously, the closer you got to the launch pad the louder it got. 

        I’ve been around since well before Alan Sheppard and I never managed to get to Canveral/Kennedy/Canaveral for a launch … though I did visit between a couple of shuttle launches and still have a NASA mug after exiting via the gift shop!  Anyway, even with the noise suppression water, numerous birds are killed during each lift off — so it must get a tad difficult to carry on a conversation at normal levels.

  2. 100,000lbs of thrust?  Awwww…that’s cute.  If you want to go all Tim Allen on this, try 3.6 million lbs of thrust.

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