Sugru hits B&Q

Congrats to Sugru, the wonderful, maker-ish polymer fix-it clay, on the news that it's been picked up for distribution at 300 B&Q stores across the UK!


  1. I am glad you reminded me of Sugru – I clicked on the link and Lo! did see a shoe pimped with Sugru.  I have a boot with abrasion issues in one spot, was looking at it yesterday, pondering how the devil to fix it.  Now I know.

    Mysteriously, this was yet another BoingBoing coincidence with my life.  Is it celestial, or am I to suffer a Trumanesque bump into the dome at some point??

    1. Sugru actually works really well for abrasion issues in shoes. To get an extra smooth surface, rub the freshly applied sugru with a finger dipped in water. 

  2. Just want to caution people to read and follow the directions before buying/using sugru. The disclaimers about shelf life and curing time are not just boilerplate – opened packets will set up pretty quick no matter how tightly you seal them, and you can’t rush the curing process.
    For those reasons – and the price – it’s not the right product for me. Not the mfr’s fault by any means, but be prepared.

    1.  Just purchase the cheapest acidic silicone and mix it with a fine cornstarch 1:1 (measured by volume). Use wet hands for kneading and shaping. Works wonderfully for a small fraction of price, and opened cartouche of silicone has relatively long shelf life.

  3. OK, I should have googled this before posting. It doesn’t  seem to be the same company (but I haven’t ruled it out). I expect Sugru was inspired by Shoe Goo.  I have used Shoe Goo for shoes, certainly, but also for other things.  When my wireframes broke where the temple (almost) meets the lens, I used SG, it had a transparent light gold color, so it was hardly noticeable, and I used it for a couple years.  I also used it to bond a rubber furniture stop to the peg of my upright bass. It lasted about three years, the furniture stop that is. It’s been three or four since the stop gave out, but the SG is still going fine.

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