Salt Lake Tribune reports: "Mars peopled by one vast thinking vegetable!"

"The Tribune followed up this story on the very next page with one on how the English aristocracy was turning into gorillas."

Mars peopled by one vast thinking vegetable!


    1. I bet at one time there was a tabloid on Mars proclaiming that Earth was vegetated by people.

    1. As an avid “Lost In Space” addict as a kid I’m astounded that I don’t think I ever saw that episode, but reading the description of it in Wikipedia…what part of that episode wasn’t an amazingly hilarious good idea? The Robot’s birthday? A purple-haired botanist? Doctor Smith turned into celery?

      Oh the pain, the pain of it all..

      1. Coincidentally enough, that’s about the only episode I remember seeing.  Smith moaning, “Moisture!” over and over again.

  1. “The Tribune followed up this story on the very next page with one on how the English aristocracy was turning into gorillas.”And isn’t it funny so many years later, that we discover both stories were true?!

    1. The kitchen staff had better put the silver back if they don’t want to deal with the silverback.

      1. Reptilian gorillas. 
        (I looked, and am very surprised and disappointed D&D has no reptilian gorillas. What? A friggin OWL-BEAR is a viable critter and this isn’t?)

  2. Someone left an “e” out of  “neighboring planet” and they just ran with the story.  Punched it up a bit.    

  3. “american political system peopled by one vast vegetable” (sadly, not a “thinking,” vegetable)

  4. So long as they give this equal time, alongside so-called “lifeless red planet”  theories in the classroom, I will be satisfied.

  5. No wonder newspapers are failing; they aren’t running real journalism like this anymore. I’d pay for a print subscription to this fine publication.

  6. … torn between commenting about how mushrooms are just the visible part of a much larger underground body vs. breaking into a chorus of “Mean Green Mother From Outer Space!” …

    1. Oh no. No, you mustn’t. Mars is changing, and Mars is not changing for me, Mars hasn’t changed for me in years. If Mars is changing, that means we’re going to be here for days.

  7. When the order for that particular “artist’s conception” filtered down to the Art Department, I imagine the resulting joyous whoop could be heard clear down by the presses.  Looks like someone had themselves an uncommonly good time.

  8.  “Mars peopled by one vast thinking vegetable!”

      – What do vegetables think about? 

    1. The Thing From Another World wanted to conquer Earth.
      I’d wager this planet-wide vegetable is casting its baleful gaze in a similar direction.

  9. Eyeball creatures, vegetable people and ape transformation are quite genuinely the plots to three different episodes of the tv series Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place.

  10. Giant celery with an eyeball on top — about the most whackadoodle newspaper illustration I’ve ever seen.

  11. Oddly, I am currently reading Iain M Banks’s “Against a Dark Background” and the protagonists are on a planet covered by a single giant vegetable. Synchronicity!

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